Monday, August 29, 2022

Day three - life lessons when hiking

 So it's Day Three and I've arrived in Pamplona which is a large Spanish city of 200K. 

Sometimes finding food on the trail is a challenge and this morning, the little cafe that I thought would be open, didn't appear to be. No worries as I had bought a tortilla last night - gosh I think that's what they are called. Made from potatoes, and vegetables. A nice snack to carry. I was not hungry and could not eat before starting out. Not good, but that's OK. 

I had the best sleep so far last night which is odd considering there were 20 of us in one room And I shouldn't say this because I'm going to jinx myself, but I keep getting the bottom bunk! OLA!!! 

It was darl when we left and some people were using headlamps which just kills your night vision. But we soon split up and all was good. I did contempate taking my head lamp out, but decided to wing it. with caution of course. 

Sorry -- typing is extra hard at the moment, I've had two cervozas and not much to eat! Oops. 

OK -- today was a day of lessons and while nothing was damaged or hurt , I'm thoroughly annoyed with myself. I need to tie my hair back with an elastic and to keep them handy, I attached them to the belt of my waist wallet. OK - so that is good, but if you don't close that loop at night, they can go missing. I couldn't find them this morning. GRRRR  

I went back with my flashlight and found one and then the guy in the bunkbed next to me found another. I had three - what happened to the third one? It's not like I can't replace them, but easier if I don't lose them! Guess what I found when I was unpacking? I found the missing elastice and another one in the medical kit - so I have four. I will be putting them on a safety pin and attaching to the outside of my waist wallet. 

Then I don't have to worry about them falling off and the key is to put them back!!!!

The most annoying thing is I lost my pee cloth. It was also attached the waist belt of my backpack and probably fell off when I got into town yesterday and I never noticed it fall GRRRRRRRR    I was so ticked at myself for this I have another one at HOME!!!! 

So I mulled that over for a great deal of the wale today and I have a backup. I have doggie poop bags and tissue with me, but I think I might sacrifice a square of my facecloth. I'm not really using it -- so I might have a small square for you know what and the larger piece for wiping my face. Don't worry -- I will NOT get them mixed up! And I will pin the small part to my belt, not wrap the loop on the strap. It's not the end of the world but just annoying. 

However, the most valuable lesson I learned is do NOT listen to anyone about the route. I reached a point in the path just outside the city limits and the lady said, you can go through town or you can go along the river. Then as I was aiming towards the river, I spotted the red/white slashes heading uphill. I followed that route for about 1 KM, then consulted the map and realized I was on some secondary hiking path. NOT even close to where I needed to be. GRRRRRRRRR  

I was so mad at myself, but what are you going to do? I decided in future to consult the map on the app and listen to NO ONE. 

The worst of it was that my blisters (yes -- now more than one) were not happy, which caused me to walk funny and my knee wasn't happy. As I was now "behind", I didnt spot anyone going through town and that was disconcertiing. My knee wasn't happy (thank god for that walking pole) and my blisters on BOTH feet were making themselves known. 

However, I did start running into a few people which made me feel better and I trudged along. HEY -- this is not a cake walk - it's not called a pilgrimage for nothing!!

I think I walked almot 24 KM so that little detour added 2 Km which I wasn't happy about. That's life and you just go with the flow. 

We are in the centr (old city) of Pamplona which is very cool. I met up with that American couple and we disussed what I would do to reduce her weight As I had a lot of time to contemplate that for her. She now realizes that bringing the small purse as a bad thing. 

We went for a beer, but the meal cost at that place was too steep for their budget. I really wanted a salad and so on the way back to the albergue, I stopped for a salad and they picked up sandwices. The goat cheese salads here are to die for!!! I want to move just for that And I had another beer. Ooops!!!! So any spelling mistakes today -- blame it on the beer.

I've attende to my blisters -- strings hanging out of them. Bandaids on, but I might stop at the pharmacy and get some gauze? or whatever they recommend. I notice the name that is printed inside my right shoe is almost gone, while that in the left is still intact. I have a feeling that my bad knee is maing me compensate on the right. OK - I will get that checked out when I get home, but nothing they can do about it. It's not like the knee is the problem, it's just the entire left leg feels like it will give out at times, which is why I'm not skipping down those downhills!!!

For the most part, our walk was pleasant -- the first half anyway -- throug beautiful forests, along tree paths and in the shade. Then we hit the highway, but instead of walking along the highway, we had to go UP. Why is there always an UP? But nothing like the first ay, so even with blisters, it was bearable. 

I wanted to try and walk ahead a bit on a couple of days, but so far that isn't possible Maybe I can start tomorrow? I need to check the guidebook and see how my feet fare. 

The building we are staying in used to be a church and yes a LONG row of bunkbeds, but for 11 Euro - you can't complain. This is not a five star vacation so I'm very happy. 

It's really about walking your own walk and doing your own thing which is exactly what I'm doing. I walked alone again today and I expect that I'll walk alone for most of the trip That way if I'm not having a good day, only I will know about it!!!

OK -- so laundry is on the line, I've had a shower, and I've eaten. It's siesta time. Then I'll pop to the pharmacy, grab a quick sanwich for dinner and then chill out until time for bed!!!

OH -- the other thing I learned today. Make sure your water bottle is completely closed. I was about 5 KM into the walk and realize that one side of my shorts were soaked. Good lord, I didn't have an accient. No the darn top on one bottle wasn's snapped in place and it had leaked all over me!!! Because there are very loose shorts, I didn't feel it until they were very wet!!!  I LOVE those shorts and would use them for hiking anytime. I stay cool and dry!!!! Unless the water bottle is leaking. 

Let's hope that tomorrow has NO learning lessons and I can just walk!!!

And the worst part of those lessons, is that I should have learned all that from my cycle trips. STOP and pay attention!! OK -- now I can move on!!!!

Have a super day!!!



  1. The Compeeds, blister Blocker bandaids, work really well for protecting and cushioning your blisters. I know from personal experience and my hiking buddies' experience. Sorry I don't know the Spanish name for them. Thank you for sharing your experience on the Camino with us!

    1. Easy. Compeeds. You can buy them in the vending machines. Lol

  2. Another recommendation for Compeed or generic blister plasters. Ask the pharmacist for Yeso de ampolla hidrocoloide if he/she doesn't speak English. Or show them your feet!
    Good luck.

  3. You're so awesome to share this journey with us. And sharing the downs as well as the ups!

    I walked 6 miles in Savannah Georgia today (7th day of 15d vacation). Our 7d average is 4.5 miles so far. But that is nowhere near the challenge you are enduring on the Camino.

    Cio :-)