Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Best laid plans

The best-laid plans went out the window pretty quickly! I took my car in for servicing and took my laptop to work on a document. However, when I got there to work on my document, I could not find it on Google Drive. Maybe their internet didn't allow that to happen? I checked and found it on Google Drive this morning. Sigh................

However, that didn't matter as I spent the entire time working on a blog post for YOU! Yep --- all the classes I'll teach in the fall and the sew-alongs/clubs for 2023. As usual, I got a bit carried away with all the information. But I had a list of all the stuff I was teaching, and do you think I can find it to verify if my list (in my head) is correct? 

Shoot - shoot- shoot- what did I do with that list? 

There were NOT many cars in the showroom, and the parking lot outside was also pretty empty. 

An empty showroom at the car dealer

I had to laugh because what else could I do? I asked the young girl, who seemed pretty tech savvy when I checked my car in, to show me that darn navigation system connection one more time. So when I was picking up the car, we went outside. The app needed to be updated, and we agreed I'd go back and see how to connect it in October. It was hilarious that it eventually connected, but it takes forever to make that happen. And then I can't be sure it's even working because this was the message I got on the screen. 

Seriously???? This happens when you go cheap and do NOT buy the navigation system and rely on some cobbled-together third party. I asked her if I could upgrade the software, and she didn't know. I'll be pursuing that in the fall. It's just a joke! Sorry, Toyota -- I love your cars but hate your cobbled-together navigation system. I think the entire thing is going to change soon, so I'll make a note to check it all out in October. Plus, I needed to update the Toyota software, so yesterday wasn't the time to fix the problem. 

That list of classes should be published in the next couple of days. Then you'll have a VERY comprehensive document for helping you to sign up for classes. Again -- I went overboard!

I was also going to start showing you what I'm taking with me; however, that isn't happening today either. Did you know you cannot buy safety pins (except small craft ones) or diaper pins? They are now a specialty item, I suppose. No worries -- I got home and picked out seven of the larger pins from my safety pin box. Not huge, but big enough! 

And this is NOT good news, but that darn blister on my right heel wants to come back. So this will be an excellent time to put the "blister healing" bandaids to the test! It's definitely time to retire that current pair of running shoes. YES -- there's no doubt they are now too small. I need to retire them quickly, and since it's ONE week from my departure date, I need to start wearing the new hiking shoes I bought to make sure they are OK. 

OH -- I'm going to save the laces of the running shoes and take those with me. They can double as a clothesline and have a spare pair of laces! The big thing I hear from everyone is everything should have a double duty to make it worth carrying! As for the scarf to cover my head should I need it -- I have a buff (sometimes called a neck gator). That can be a lot of things, including a head scarf! So NO -- I won't need to stretch that sarong from my legs to my head! 

Most of my stuff doesn't match in color, and I'm perfectly OK with that. I really want functional and double duty! Fashion sense is checked when I leave the house!

The next large quilt got loaded on the long arm, and I'll get to it later today. I also got some other sewing done, but I can't share it with you today. 

PHEW --- just found that list. It was exactly where it was supposed to be -- I only looked at the top piece of paper on the clipboard! DUH!!! It's a good thing I found it because there's ONE class I forgot to add to the blog post. 

I'll try to work on that later today and get it out by Friday. 

I walked to the mall in the afternoon and saw the latest construction outside. I'm not sure when this construction started, but this space has been empty for a long time. 

The new structure is being built

What's going to exist in this new space? 

A theatre!!! Yeah --- one more thing that I won't have to drive to! I might try to go a bit more frequently once it opens. Especially on cheap Tuesdays! 

Today -- I'm off to buy the last few remaining items I need. I need to make a list, or I will forget something. Eight things I need, and then I think I'm done. The times I don't find today will have to be bought online, and I hope it gets here in time! Or I buy it once I'm in Europe. I should be able to find all of it at Mountain Equipment Co-op. 

As for the wildfires in Spain, as far as I can tell, they are not on the route - yet! I'm not changing my plans. The only thing I have booked is a flight into and out of Europe. That's it. I'll wing the rest, and if I have to change my route - well, I will. But since my destination is more important than my start point, I hope I won't have to do that. 

So Elle has to be the most organized person I know! And she still keeps finding things to declutter, although I don't know that declutter is the word to use! But it's finding something you will no longer use, and she's good at finding that stuff. I'll be happy when it takes me five minutes to declutter! I'm getting there, but not there yet. 

Well, I'm off to spin class, so I'd better organize myself. 

Have a super day!!!!


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