Thursday, August 25, 2022

What's in your backpack?

If anyone tells you they look forward to a vacation, they are LYING. At least at my house. The days before leaving on holiday are the most stressful of my life! Although I'm a stress eater and I'm not eating much -- there isn't time! However, I'm going through a chunk of watermelon and chocolate milk, so it doesn't go bad! 

It never seems to matter how much in advance I start prepping; I always run into a very stressful day on the last day! Sigh..................   I think it's just me. But that's OK. Everything is prepared, and can you believe the final package arrived at noon? Now that's a good omen. 

It's also a waist belt, but I think with one pocket, it'll be good for errands around the neighborhood and carrying a phone. The CAA version has two pockets in it, so that's the one I'm taking. 

But KUDOS to Amazon and their suppliers because the expected delivery date for all three items was Friday. See how I live? On the edge! Just like the fact I have booked a flight into Europe and out of Europe and only today did I book one more mode of transportation. The rest? I'll make it up as I go along. That's part of the adventure and the beauty of only taking what you absolutely need. 

Someone used to say if you throw enough money at a problem - you'll get a solution. I prefer to look at the adventure one has by not preplanning too much. I've always gone on vacation that way. I remember spending the night on Isla Mujeres in Mexico in the kitchen of an under-construction hotel because we missed the ferry, and all the accommodations were booked. Ah -- the life!!! 

Anyway -- I managed to get everything in the backpack, and there was plenty of room to spare. I'm not sure what else I could take. 

Here's my rain jacket, sandals for apres hiking, the sarong, and the buff. 

I've got one pair of pants (blue), one pair of shorts (orange), one long-sleeved T-shirt (bright orange) and two short-sleeved T-shirts. I'll be wearing one T-shirt and pants for traveling tonight. 

I have a pink fleece in the event I need it -- it's HOT over there right now. But at least it will be suitable for the plane. And three pairs of socks. 

Let's see -- that's a LOT of orange accessories. A towel, my sleep sack -- too hot for a sleeping bag, the rain cover for the backpack, a facecloth, the pee cloth, and my shovel. 

Here's a small bag of clothespins to hang the daily laundry, and I threw in a small rope for a clothesline. A lightweight, reusable bag for grocery shopping and my medical supplies. Mostly bandaids. 

Toiletries aren't much -- toothpaste and a brush, laundry tabs (in the orange container), TP if needed, a mask, floss, and a nail file. I need a nail file. OH -- and a bar of soap and shampoo. Plus my Solarcaine and some Tea Tree ointment. 

My portable keyboard, three pairs of glasses (sigh), and some reading material which I may or may not ditch. I have mere minutes to contemplate that. Plus a pen and a notebook. Elastics for my hair and two hairbands -- the flowers stay home, but I have a substitute. 

I have a water bottle that will go on the side of the backpack and the other two water systems which will go on the front. I don't know how much water to carry -- I'll have to figure that out as I go. 

If I ditch part of the reading material, the weight is 11.2 pounds. 1.2 pounds more than I wanted to carry, but still well within the recommended 10% of body weight. When I add in some water, I'll be at 10%. 

There really isn't anything I want to ditch, so I'll be happy at 11.2 pounds. 

And there you have it -- -my worldly possessions over the next couple of weeks. OH -- I have a passport and all that -- it's going to be carried in the pouch, and I'm sure it'll all be jostled around and repacked many times during the next couple of weeks as I learn to manage all that stuff! 

I see it's almost time to get changed and get in the Uber for the airport. What a crazy adventure I'm about to embark on! I haven't even had much time to think about or plan - OK -- I did sneak in some planning. GOSH -- I didn't get to watch the Amazing Race this week. That will be entertainment while I wait at the airport. The plane is still on time! Do you know where I'm flying to?? 

OH -- that's it!

Have a super day!!!


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