Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Day four A beautiful walk

 What can I say, but that this is an amazing adventure. I don't want to say that it's the greatest adventure, but it's up there. I'm currently sitting in the shade of the hotel/albergue and listening to some cool music an the misters are keeing things cool,, although I had to move a little bit to keep  my equipment dry. 

Amazing but I had another great sleep in that massive church filled with bedsl. I think I woke up around 4:30 when the two strapping guys next to me silently (well almosts) got up and left. I wouldn't have thought they needed an early start. 

But some of the pilgrims have zero self awareness. crap that mister is misting very corner of this deck except in the sun. Just moved and still getting misted! OK -- back to those pilgrims who are unnaware. And this takes me back to the days when I worked at the fabric company. The president did NOT like flip flops or slip on shoes. They were banned, did you know they make a ton of noise?  Especially in the middle of the night! And there are the lead foots. They sound like a herd of elepahnants. And don't get me started on the shufflers!!!

Oh well, I slept well and that's all that counts. I was awake at 4:30 but didn't get up until 6. What's the point. It only takes me a few minutes to get ready. Had to move again. Love the mist, but not near my "computer". 

I was a bit worried about leaving Pamplona this morning In the dark by myself. Oone does NOT want to get lost -- not after yesterday. Thankfully the streets are pretty well marked and easy to follow. But a couple of times, I had to stop and look at the app. Thank goodness for the app. I would likely have gottenn lost without it. 

It took about 5 KM of walking to get out of Pamplona. Now here's the thing - if you have been to Europe, you know this. NOTHING is open nearly. in North Ameria things are open 24/7. Not so here. So I left with no brealfast, not having purchased any food yesterday. Not that I was starved, but I would have liked to have something. Thankfully about 3 KM down the road (still in Pamplona) I spoted a bakery and got a croissant. I know --- me a croissant for breakfast. That laste me for about 8 KM. I can't eat a lot on the road and that did the trick. I have water with me. 

The facecloth worked well for those that know what I'm talking about. Yeah. Not that there is lots of TP around, but it's shocking that people don't even try to conceal it. It's litter people!!!!  Clean up after yourselves!! I think all hiking stores should make it mandatory that all women be educated about peeing in the woods!!

Nothing got lost today! 

I walked alone again and it was great. I meet people along the way and then you feel obligated to entertain each other an who wants that. I walk alone and I think about so many of you back home. What's going on? How are things? And then I think of nothing, absolutely NOTHING and its glorious!!!! No deadlines, no worries Everyone should try to take a vacation where they get to think about nothing. 

As I left Pamplona, I could see the ridge that we had to cross to get to the next town. There are lots of stories about crossing the road, the bridge, etc. But this was a steep ridge with a wind turbine farm along the top. And it looked FAR AWAY. 

Slow and steady -- that's all you can do. I've passed lots of locatls who are out walking their dogs or just out for a walk. Another lucky day with the weather.  We did have thunder showers yesterday, but managed to stay dry. Today, we had cloud cover for most of the hike, but the sun came out and it got hot!!!!

There's a beautiful sclupture at the top of the ridge and the view on both sides of the ridge. The steep incline wasn't nearly as bad as what I was think it would be. The descent was steep and through a very rocky river bed (a steeply sloped river bank). Once we got down that , the rest was pretty easy. Just long in the sun. 

I stopped about half way to get some orange juice and a banana. Then with 7 Km (or was that 5) I stopped for a tortilla which is like a quiche (sort of) with egg, potatoe and ham and cheese and a COKE which I practically guzzled. So good!!  

We passed some areas near where we are tonight that had burned. Since it was mostly beside the road, I dont know if it was deliberate or a wild fire. I dont have any reservations so you just need to find an albergue when you arrive. I stopped at the first one and it's amazing. 

The place has a/c (cheating!!!) and only three to a room and it cost 15 Euros. That's a steal. I've had another goat cheese salad for lunch and a beer. The blog is basically done and I have o do laundry. Then NOTHING to do until 7 when it's dinner!!!

OH -- you want to knoow about the blisters? Well, I have four hot spots. I slathered the up with lubricant this morning and stopped a couple of times along the way to add more. They are a mess, but not painful or not too painflul for walking. I'll survive. I'm airing my feet out and not going anywhere this afternoon. I like this misted patio and I'll have a nap and then sit out here for the rest of the day!!!!

I'll try to take a picture of my desk once I finish here. OLA!!!!!

Havve a great day!!!!


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