Friday, August 26, 2022

Travel day two

 It's day two of the long travel to get here, but Im here and I'm ready!!!!

I got on the train -- yes my ticket was valid, but I will say the conductor gave it a bit of look when I was on the train. 

BUT the first line of business was to find the train. I did not realize that my stop was NOT the last one so I couldn't identify which train was mine. But I knew the time and there were two leaving at the same time I'm not sure why I chose the one I did - oh -- I think I spotted a map somewhere. 

OK - so we have the train but which track? Thankfully I go early to get things sorted out. Then I realized that as the train arrived, the track was indicated. OK -- so that was easy. I've been on the Tres Grand Vitesse before, but it was several years ago and I had M with me so someone to discuss the options. I did ask someone for confirmation. There is ZERO train personnel around - the entire thing is automated. 

I was in car 18 of 18 cars, so I had to walk the entire length of the train and hope it didn't run out of cars before I reached the end! 

In fact, I was at the front of the train. I didn't have a window seat, but that was OK. I was tired and slept for  a good hour, The train made two stops before mine and I arrived in Bayonne at 2 PM.  

OK -- so how do I get to St. Jean Pied de Port from here? This time there was a very friendly lady who basically bought me a ticket at the machine. It was for the BUS not the train. I'm good with that and I went outside and immediately got on the bus and it left shortly after that. 

We left beautiful flat land but now we are in the mountains! Yikes --- this town is very hilly! 

When we got dropped off the bus, now where?  I followed someone else and soon I spotted a shell which is the symbol of the camino. I stopped in and they had room so I took it. No walking around for me!!  The price is right and there is dinner and breakfast included. I'm good with that. 

We are three in the room -- I haven't met the room mates yet. There is an information session at 6:15. Dinner is at 7. Yikes -- I'm going to have to get used to that. 

I had some time to kill so I took a walk around and another geocachingi adventure. How much -- what a town and I spotted and smelled some very good goodies -- fresh maracrons and other stuff, but I didn't stop. I'm not a huge eater on these trips, but I'll eat the good stuff to keep me going. 

I also stopped at the official Camino office so I'm all good and was told that this week is relatively quiet so shouldn't have diffiulty to find albergues along the way. I KNEW that. OK -- I didn't I just got lucky. 

People walk this pilgrimmage for many different reasons. Do I need to change my life? Do I need to work out issues?  Nope --- I'm walking because it's there!!! I like to challenge myself and this will be a challenge. 

But keep in mind, I spent 10 weeks cycling across Canada and other shorter trips. I like myself and can entertain myself all day for days I know how and when to push and I know when to back off. I know what motivates me. 

The tehnology woes seem to be mosty gone although I don't seem to be able to post directly to Facebook. It's only through IG that the posts work. Sigh.......

Well, I'm off. I'll try to post a picture or two in another post. I do NOT want to have to retype this!!! 

Have a great day!!!


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  1. What is the distance you will be walking. Sounds like quite the adventure already.