Saturday, September 17, 2022

Out of the mouths of .........

 I hate to put a word at the end of that sentence because the word is NOT a good one. 

I'm following a Facebook group for the Camino, and some of the comments would blow your socks off. The one that took the cake was a British person who commented how RUDE it was for people to smoke around other people. I think she was referring to the locals you meet in the villages. And granted, it is a shock to sit in an open-air cafe in Paris and have the people next to you smoke. Ashtrays on every table and the same in Spain. 

That is their lifestyle! It used to be our lifestyle until we decided to ban it for health reasons. Here's the thing - if you do NOT like what they do in their own countries, perhaps, you should pick a different country. I don't get why tourists feel that when they visit someplace, the locals should change their lives for the tourists? Are people that ignorant? I won't answer that question but will leave it for us to ponder. 

The other thing that drives me crazy is why we need to make everything accessible to everyone? There are many instances of this, but here's the one that is my current pet peeve. So there is the pilgrim walk to Santiago, which can be approached by numerous routes through Spain and Portugal. Some of the routes even extend from Germany and other countries. You can pick the route, and you can pick the distance, but it is supposed to be a pilgrimage -- that is what this route originally was, so the way was NOT easy, and it was LONG.  

But to make it accessible to everyone, there is a shorter route that requires one to walk the last 100 KM, and you still qualify to get the certificate. But here's what's happening. Apparently, there are "tourist" buses that permit people to walk a couple KM a day and then get bused to the next stop. OH -- I think I mentioned this already. So some (and not all) don't even walk that last 100 KM but still claim they did. Why are we so set on getting a PIECE OF PAPER at the end? They should ban the certificate thing and let people walk for the sake of walking a pilgrimage -- that would drop off many people. The certificates are different for the shorter distance, but people will still say, "I walked the Camino." The average person would not know what they actually did and probably wouldn't question it. 

Oh well, I'll get over it! But why do we feel that we must make everything accessible to everyone? If we could fly helicopters to the last 100 M of Mount Everest, would we? So people could claim they have summited? That would be silly, and I think having unattainable things for some people is good. That's how life should be. Some of us can do certain things, and some of us will never do certain things, and we need to be happy with what we can do! I think making all things attainable to everyone cheapens the original thing. That's my PERSONAL opinion, so if you don't agree, we'll just have to agree to disagree!

OK --- so I did NOT take better pictures of the Quilt Path software, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Well, at least the difference between the two pantograph options. Each has a place and highly depends on the pattern that you are using as to which one you want to use. It also has an element of personal preference and, again -- the type of pattern. Since I'm used to the one with maximum flexibility, that is the one I will most likely continue to use. I do NOT like the software taking away my control by using the Power Panto option. 

But I am having a wee bit of trouble moving from one zone to the next in some instances. There is a glitch in the software, or there's a glitch with the operator, but it went much smoother than it did the previous day, and that's all that counts. 

And the zone thing, with two rows at a time, is really for small quilts or someone with a larger workspace than my 17". Otherwise, the pantos are too small and dense for the larger quilts. I will use that a lot on these small quilts, but on a normal lap quilt? That two-row thing will be a thing of the past! 

I didn't finish until after 3 PM, but that was because I went to the Used Book Sale, and it was open this time!

Community Project quilt - DONE

Community Project quilt - DONE

I immediately went to the hobby section, and NO -- I did not need any quilt books, but I'm always on the hunt for quilt history books. I found this one and picked it up, although I was certain I already had it. Even though my mind told me I have it, I bought it and found out when I got home that YES -- I already own a copy. So if anyone wants it -- it's up for grabs. 

Quilt history book -- up for grabs

The same with this one --- my subconscious told me I already had it, but I had to buy it. So now this one is also up for grabs! 

Another book up for grabs

Both are basically books with pictures and stories of historical quilts. They are free if you want, but you have to pick them up or pay for shipping, and they are both heavy!

I may or may not have this book. I haven't found it on my shelf yet. If I do, the cover is much different than this one. I need to sort those books, so all the historical quilt books are in one spot. They used to be that way until everything needed to be packed up. It's time to make that happen again, and I need to scan them into some app so I have the list of what I own. I think Library Thing does that? I'll have to check it out. 

Quilt history book

But I do NOT have this one, and this was one of the cheaper books -- only $2. The most expensive I paid for any book was $4. So this was a treasure and made the trip worth it. 

Quilt history book

And I also found this one, which I'm certain I do NOT own. I'm saving these books for the day when I no longer want to quilt, but I can sit and read about it all day! I know --- we shouldn't wait for tomorrow, but that's OK. The section of history books is much smaller than the technique and pattern books, so when I downsize, the history ones come with me, the others do no. 

Quilt history book

I have a list of books I'm trying to find, which is sometimes like a needle in a haystack. I didn't take pictures of the boxes of books, but there are MANY boxes sorted by Fiction or Non-Fiction. The Non-Fiction is further sorted, but the fiction is just jammed into boxes or long rows of hardcovers, and you have to scan the spines to see the authors. No need to look at the titles; you search for the authors. 

I managed to find this book which has been on my list for years!!! That definitely made the trip worthwhile. Don't ask -- I sometimes got into reading an obscure author, and the library does NOT have their books. It was published in 1976, practically making it an antique in the book world! 

A book I've been searching for

Someone introduced me to M.C. Beaton and NONE of her books are in the library either, but I found FIVE of them yesterday. They are very rare to find as well. 

Books by M.C Beaton

Another book by M.C. Beaton

I spent $26 - $6, which I didn't need to spend, but that's OK. It's all for a good cause. But the number of James Patterson books and David Balducci is obscene. I do not understand why people need to read the new book, the minute it hits the shelves. You read those books in a couple of hours, and then you have to wait one year for them to write a new one. Why not wait a bit for it to come from the library and savor reading it? I am so far behind in all of my author series that when I want to read someone, there is a book waiting for me! I guess patience is my virtue!! I definitely do NOT need to be seen with the latest and greatest or be up-to-date! I don't care. 

In addition to getting those two quilts done, which are trimmed and ready for the binding, I managed to get the rest of this group of half-square triangles trimmed. 

Trimming half-square triangles

That's because I'm listening to those long chapters of that audiobook -- The Witch Elm by Tana French. God, the book is long, and I can see why some people have said it's boring. It's all mind games between the police and the main characters. It's set in Dublin, so the Irish accents add much to the story. And where the heck is this book going? I still have 7 1/2 hours to read, so the story could go any way. I listen at normal speed as I don't care if it takes me 22 hours or 22 days to read the story. It's all about entertaining me, NOT finishing the book. It's all about enjoying life, not meeting a deadline or hitting a goal, especially with my entertainment. Even then, I find my mind wandering sometimes with the story, and I have to go back to catch what I missed. 

You can tell the cooler weather is here. Look at Sweet Lexi, who curled up on that small mat. She loves the rough texture of the mat and is quite happy to lie there. 

Lexi on HER mat

Here's the update on the feet --- the blisters are healing quite nicely, and the new skin has been exposed on one foot, and soon it'll all be integrated into the old skin, and no one will know there were two massive blisters there. The old skin is hanging onto the blisters on the other foot, I've got skin coming off the calluses, but the good news is that NONE of those hurt. That is great, and the even better news is that the toenail issue is coming along nicely. It looks hideous, but it doesn't hurt, not even when touching the toenail; I can put shoes on again! 

But first I must buy new shoes. Thank goodness I don't have many shoes because I'd have to replace a whole bunch. I need to change my running shoes and hope I can muddle along with the few times I need other shoes. I may need a new pair of winter boots - but then I rarely wear them. Let's see what happens. 

I might even venture out today for the shoes as I need something better than those Teva Sandals to walk in, although they are quite comfortable now that the blisters have healed. 

And I received an "on the mend" card yesterday. Thanks so much, Mary --- I can always count on your for interesting mail to arrive at my door!
My "on the mend" card!

Well, I'm off to have a repeat of yesterday! More small quilts, another episode of the Great British Baking Show --- down to the quarter-finals now! It's a given in this series who will get to the quarter-finals and who will even win. But you never know -- there are two very strong bakers in this series. 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Glad to hear you’re healing well. I always thought the purpose behind travelling to other countries was to experience different cultures, and explore history and nature. We can’t expect other countries and peoples to be just like home. If travellers don’t like what they see, they should just stay home.

    1. Rose --- so very true about travelling. We are guests in their country! And we get to appreciate what we have at home a whole lot more!!!!

  2. I use Libib to keep track of my quilting books and patterns. There is a website and an app. The app is great for getting them all entered you use your device camera to scan the bar code and it pulls in the book details. There were some I had to enter manually. After I had that all done, I decided to put all my patterns in, that took longer as they were all manual, but well orthodox it haven’t bought a duplicate pattern for a while. I find the web interface more useful when looking things up but that might be me.

    1. I'm downloading the LIBIB app as I type and hope to get it up and running with all my quilting books -- at least my history books which are really the only ones I'm buying these days. I agree 100% -- I like to have the data on the app, but much prefer to look on the website to get the data! Thanks for the info. Now off to create an account!

  3. Not sure how “worth” auto corrected to orthodox

    1. You have to LOVE autocorrect! Friend or foe?