Sunday, December 31, 2023

Computer woes!


There are better ways to start the day than that. Wait -  that's not true -- today is fine - yesterday was a nightmare. I'm having BIG issues with my computer. However, to put this in perspective, I heard of a guild member who passed suddenly a few days ago. She was lovely and always had a kind word and a smile for everyone. 

So, while I've got issues, they are nothing like what her family and friends are dealing with right now. She will be missed! 

Here's the nightmare at my house. If you read the blog early in the day, you noticed something EXTREMELY unusual yesterday. Random pictures with no story! I knew there was a problem as the post wasn't saving correctly as I wrote it. However, I finished the post and saved it, and it loaded at 7:30 AM. I even watched it do so - or so I thought. 

The version that got posted was from when I first started writing. SIGH  --- so if yesterday looked weird to you, you can go back as it's correct now. But as I was rewriting it, I wondered what would happen if I posted a random picture or two and asked YOU to come up with a potential story! Now that would be funny!

Someone alerted me that there was an issue, otherwise, I would have had ZERO clue what happened. Thanks -- you know who you are! 

But then the day got bad - well, as far as technology goes. I went to write some emails. WAIT --- NO AUTOFILL of email addresses. WAIT -- NO CONTACT list. Nothing. No contacts, no distribution lists. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Back on another session with Microsoft. It takes them SO LONG to decide to take control of the computer to fix the problem. The guy says, "Shall I just send you the instructions?' I responded NO, and it took FOREVER for him to do it. The file he recovered was about FIVE years old -- are you KIDDING ME? That is a useless file to me, but that's what I have to work with. 

There are NO distribution lists - many names on the list are duplicated and have old emails in them - it's a flipping nightmare! 

I can only say thank goodness it happened NOW and not in the middle of many classes. I don't always print out the distribution list for a class, so I would have had to go from scratch. I would, but since I can't print from this computer, it's a "complicated process" to copy, paste, and send to my phone to print. Lesson learned -- I will do that in the future! 

I managed to recreate one list yesterday - it was an easy one, and I've got a few more to recreate today. And every time I want to send an email, I either have to find an existing one they sent to me or, well - that's my only choice. Thankfully, I have LOTS of emails to choose from! 

I will have to be diligent about how the computer works. We disconnected OneDrive from backing up to my C drive. So now I have TWO spots from which to delete files. And I must watch this in the future because chaos ensued when the hard disk got full. 

I learned a lot about my computer yesterday. This is the summary of what's taking up space on my hard disk. Remember that it's 465 GB. HALF of that is devoted to computer programs. WHAT? Mostly Windows, Office 365, and Adobe. I use TWO additional programs -- EQ8 and mySewnet Embroidery software. Nothing else -- the space used seems excessive to me, but when I asked the support person if I could delete some of the Microsoft stuff, he was reluctant. I left it.  

What's on your hard disk?

I know you can't see that, but almost 100 GB of storage space is utilized by email. GASP!! I know -- it's all the big attachments I've sent everyone over the last year. That's what I was trying to delete when all this mess occurred. I'm deleting it all later this week. 

I found 47 GB from OneDrive. It's not excessive, but it keeps growing, so we disconnected OneDrive from the C drive. I need to delete a lot from OneDrive or move it onto my backup drive should I wish to keep it. Most of the files are already sitting on a backup drive. 

But I found 57 GB of TEMPORARY files. Seriously???? That is just silly, so I attempted to delete most of that, and while I got rid of some, I think it's still sitting at 37 GB. Why? If those files are temporary, why so much? I found 4 GB of cookies! That all got deleted, so yes, I have to sign into all programs and websites, but there are few of them, so it's no big deal. Holy cow --- this is what happens when you ignore your computer and you are a "hoarder." 

I have to say that things seem to be working quite fast this morning compared to yesterday! 

I'm not out of the woods yet, but at least I have about 15 GB of free space on the hard disk now. 

I have free space!

Getting rid of the OneDrive stuff and deleting some of those big files in email should free up quite a bit more space. 

I guess getting the book on Outlook was very timely because I'm basically starting back at the beginning. No distribution lists, signature files, and a random folder of old contact names. Sigh............. Just when you think you're on top of things, fate says otherwise. 

Anyway -- enough of those computer woes!!! The only distribution list I recreated was for the physical retreats I host. I still need to set up ones for the new classes this year and to recreate the ones (UFO, Out of the Box, etc) for next year. So hang on -- I hope to get it done tomorrow. 

There's that Murphy -- she loves to lie in the muck, but SOMEONE is digging in the garden! And I suspect it was NOT Murphy. What could be there? 

Someone has been digging

I mentioned a while back that I need to do something about storing my quilts. Well, I took FOUR Halloween quilts (I know - does one need four?) and rolled them on that batting roll that I covered with a quilt sleeve. I need to make a fabric sack to place over this, which can go under the bed. It's not my ideal spot, but it's better than moving the darn quilts multiple times. These should actually go up for sale as they can't be donated to Quilts of Valour. I have another bundle of smaller quilts to roll up - I'll get to that later this week. 

A roll of Halloween quilts

I actually did some sewing yesterday!!! I had pieces of quilted fabric left over from cutting a jacket, which still needs to be completed, but let's not go there. What to do with the scraps? So I decided to join them with the "quilt as you go" method, and I got four decent-sized pieces. 

Four prequilted pieces

I was going to make zippered pouches from them, but then I looked at a pattern sitting on the cutting table because it will be an in-person class in April at The Hobby Horse, and it's for a zippered pouch. WAIT --- I can use these pieces, but they may need to be resized. No problem -- step one of that homework is done! 

I used the trellis method to join them. I was going to switch the pieces around and have some pink on one side and blue on the other. I considered making the trellis different colors but went conservative and matched everything. 

The "quilt as you go" joins

That was sitting on the cutting table and will stay there as I want to complete the bags. I'm making great progress on the cutting table, but a few things remain. You'll see its state tomorrow. 

Another customer quilt is done! And the next one is loaded on the long arm. 

Customer quilt - DONE

Then, this morning, I decided I needed to sew something, so I got to work and made four blocks for the Heartfelt Sampler. I am quite behind in making the blocks and need to get busy. 

Four blocks for the Heartfelt Sampler

The email thing will be tricky -- so if you are on one of my lists, bear with me. The only way I know that I will know that I missed someone is if someone gets in touch with me. WAIT -- don't email me just yet. I'll let you know when I've sent out the email, and if you don't get it, then you know I missed you. I'll let you all know what days I send which emails. What a mess, but it could be a lot worse! Thank goodness I have most of my class emails in folders, which should make it much easier. Not only do I have to recreate the distribution lists, but I have to save everyone as a contact --- all the old stuff in the file they downloaded needs to be deleted. Yippeee!!!!!!!! 

At least email seems to be syncing much faster, and saving files is much faster. I guess it makes sense -- it's like Christmas dinner. If you are stuffed full, taking the next bite is not exciting, so you slow down. Let's hope I am on the way to fixing this problem. I need to be much more diligent about what I keep, how long I keep it, and where it gets saved!!!

Let's contemplate that for a second. Imagine being a physical hoarder. If your house is filled with stuff - it slows down your movements and brain function - just like my computer! Oh yes, getting rid of all the clutter - whether on the computer, the house, or our social world - can do wonders for how we feel! 

As we turn the annual hourglass over tonight, think long and hard about where you want to be this time next year! House cleaner? Mind clearer? UFOs complete? Whatever --- but if we don't make an effort, no one will do it for us. And you do NOT have to spend hours. A tiny step once a day can make HUGE progress in creating new habits and a new LIFE!!!

Remember, there is a Virtual Retreat today - December 31. We start at Noon and go until whenever. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 857 8633 2961
Passcode: 084495

It's hard to believe it's the last day of the year!! WOW! So much happened this year, and we get to do it all over again, but better and faster and with more FUN in 2024!!!!

Have a super day!!!


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