Saturday, December 30, 2023

House cleaning

WAIT --- this blog post did NOT post how it was supposed to! I had so much trouble with the computer this morning that the post was uploaded halfway through my writing, and the rest of what I wrote and all my edits were ignored. ACK!!!!! 

OH --- I am way behind. 

Someone asked about my 2024 class schedule ---

Thimbles and Things -- two classes continuing on. And there will be ONE new one - we had to find a new pattern. Please check their web site for more details. All on Zoom.  The Hobby Horse -- ALL classes have been moved to in-person. Please check their website. 

MySewnet Embroidery Software - THREE different cl bs will be running. All on Zoom --- Brampton Sew and Serge, Stitch by Stitch, and Thimble Quilts and Sewing. I am behind in providing them the information, so call them to express your interest, but don't harass them as I'm behind. 

Me personally? I've cut way back!!! 

Two UFO clubs (room for one more person)

Digital cutters and applique (primarily focused on fabric applique)

Machine Embroidery Club - mostly show and tell (we learn a TON from show and tell)

Out of the box -- a wild card class where you get a prompt each month to create something (from ANY material you desire). The project is small or experimentation - big complicated stuff is discouraged. 

Many blocks - Club for those people who have a project with MANY blocks - like Town and Country, Dear Jane, etc. This is NOT for someone starting, but motivation to get it done! So like a UFO Club.

Heartfelt Sampler - continuing until April. 

That's it!!!! I'm not teaching any new projects - I'm burned out from that. And so time-consuming. 2024 is all about focus and trying to get stuff done that I've started! 

Having said that, if I have too many days like yesterday, I'm not going to get anywhere fast!

I think fate throws one of those days in every once in a while to keep u  humble. Let's say that I got nothing done - no customer quilt done, even though I turned the long arm on. No sewing machines were turned on, and the iron did not get plugged in. 

Nope -- I sat in front of the wretched computer for a good part of the day, and I don't think I got anywhere. 

The problem started with e-mail - yet again! So, I contacted Microsoft Support. I was on the call with them for 1½ hours trying to resolve the issue. What started it all was me attempting to delete some of the e-mails. They are way too many, and I have a habit of "hoarding" them. Also, known as not deleting those that I no longer need. 

That resolved the issue, and then I had to wait for the e-mail folders to repopulate. We closed the call. When I came back, only my INBOX had filled. One of the additional folders (and there are many) had been filled. Oh boy -- I NEED those files MORE than I need the ones in the inbox.  Sigh. 

Repopulating the inbox

Back with another call with Microsoft, and we got the process started to repopulate the rest of the files. However, we closed that call, and later, I got a message saying I had run out of space. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! 

Yep -- it was a day to eat chocolate!!!

So I started messing around with the computer, and you know this isn't good. But I also did some Googling, and I know what the problem is. 

The hard drive is FULL

YES - my C Drive is FU L. How the heck can it be full when I don't keep any documents on it? OK -- so some more investigation reveals that the darn OneDrive (an online storage Cloud) is a backup folder in the cloud, and all the files on THAT drive are stored on my C drive. NOOOOOOOO OOOOOOO!!!

There is a TON of information in OneDrive, and yep -- it all shoots back to my C drive. So, I tried to fix it! Well, I managed to unlink it and then relink it - that took a bit of time. I've been deleting files from it (now, should I be deleting from OneDrive or the folder on my C drive?) I've no idea - I'm just deleting stuff. It seems the more I delete, the more disk space I use! Sigh.....................

I'm not freeing up any disk space! 

Well, did it help? Yes -- I managed to get all my e-mails back -- well, some of them. I need to force another sync to see if the remainder comes back. That's a "good" way to clear the e-mail box. 

I am determined to figure out the best way to use Outlook. I'm tired of knowing just enough to get by and more than enough to get into trouble! So, off to the library, where I found a book on Outlook, and I PLAN to read it! I started yesterday when I was waiting on those calls to Microsoft. 

My homework!

You also know it's not going to be a good day when you get back from walking the dogs (6 KM) and realize that your FitBit is still on the charger! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Thankfully, I had my phone with me, so I was able to sync the steps. Oh yes -- I have a love/hate relationship with things that sync!

Where's my Fitbit

Someone asked me what was wrong with a 6" by 24" ruler. Technically, there is nothing wrong. It's just that when rotary cutters and rulers were first put out many years ago, everyone FORGOT to add seam allowances to the rulers. I'm not sure that's the official take, but it makes sense. The manufacturers probably went to the quilters and said - what size of stuff do you cut? Quilters responded 6" squares! So the rulers were made 6". But when we cut 6" squares, we mean 6" finished! Where are the seam allowances? 

I had a 6" by 24" ruler when I first started, but as soon as the 6½" ruler came out, I bought one. The same thing happened with square rulers. One of the first ones out was 6". Ok -- this is great, but it doesn't help me one iota when I'm squaring a 6½" block or trying to cut a 6½" square. BOTH of which are more common than 6" unfinished. 

I gladly gave those rulers away as well when I could get a 6½" square ruler. As a matter of fact, this is my FAVORITE ruler of all time, and I have many of them. 

Did you know that you could wear them out? Yep - the lines disappear over time. I had one ruler that had no lines left in the middle. They had completely worn off - I think that ruler is gone. 

But look at these two --- the lines are gone from the outer edges. These are the two that sit on my cutting table. 

The lines around the perimeter are gone

This ruler was in my retreat bag and seemed to be 100% intact. So I've switched this one with one of the others. I may as well use the better of the three of them. Although, at the rate I'm going, I haven't touched anything sewing-related in a while. 

A ruler with LINES

So you can buy the 6" by 24" or even a 6" square, but I think you're doing yourself a disservice by that! If you need to buy a new ruler - go for at least 6½". I personally now use an 8½" by 24" ruler, and I LOVE it. It's stable enough that it doesn't slip when cutting strips. You need to know how to use but it's the best! By the way -- if you can get to the Hobby Horse in person - I'm teaching a class (demo) on accuracy in sewing, which includes cutting, pressing, and that elusive 1/4" seam! 

I got a chuckle when I walked past the mall. This was the location of a restaurant that burned several years ago. What are they leasing? The tile floor that remains from the restaurant? A bit chilly with the colder weather coming. OH -- I lease the land, and then I build --- the sign just seems weird. 

Am I leasing a tile floor? 

And lastly --- I was at the mall to buy a new mop. I have a mop and bucket, but it's not very practical for the occasional clean-up in Aisle Four! Especially since poor Murphy is having many more accidents. These are not accidents per se; they are a result of a leaky bladder or a weak sphincter, to be exact. It's back to the vet next year to see what other options we have besides the medication that she's been on for years. 

Now where would one find a mop? Oh -- they are not with the vacuums. Those are appliances. Nope, the mops were with the clearing supplies. Anyway -- it works amazing, and I think I'll be swiftering and mopping to my heart's content! Good lord -- do NOT tell my mother that! 

My new mop

I may become so addicted to the cleaning that I may let the cleaning lady go. Is hell about to freeze over? 

Now that you know what those pictures are for -- if you read the first blog post with NO writing to describe the pictures, did you come up with the same story as I did? 

Remember, there is a Virtual Retreat tomorrow. 

Sunday, December 31, Starting at Noon

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 857 8633 2961
Passcode: 084495

Have a great day!



  1. you are on the quilt show today on Fons and porter

    1. I know -- I get texts from people when it's on! Can you believe that I've never seen either of the two episodes!!! Happy New Year

  2. I'm thinking your blog post today didn't apply properly. I've never seen you post pics without discussion about them.

    May your Saturday EXCEED your expectations to make your Friday worthwhile ;-)

  3. I’m with you on the 6” rulers! Thank you for the info on the OneDive! I did make a copy of everything on my OneDrive thinking that was the only place it was - now I will do some investigating and cleanup! Hope to see you tomorrow!

    1. Shoot -- I saw you on the call yesterday and wanted to chat about OneDrive. ACK!!! Sorry for that. HOpefully you get it investigated - I love to hear your story!

  4. I have a mop like that , it is super handy.