Tuesday, December 5, 2023

It's just LOGIC!

Seriously?? What did I say the other day about my sewing projects? I said - there is NO applique or paper piecing. And then I spotted this. 

My clam shell APPLIQUE block

Yes, that is a block for the Green Tea and Sweet Beans by Jen Kingwell, which is supposed to be done (the center - no borders) by FRIDAY. I was going to start piecing it and realized that while the clam shells are glued to the block, they are NOT stitched in place. Sigh....................

So - let's get an audiobook going, dig out the thread, and guess what I'll be doing this afternoon. Shoot! I thought I was done, but alas, I was not. And there is a smidgen of applique on one other block. Today -- it MUST be done today!

However, I made good progress on the TWO Cabin in the Woods quilts. These were sew-alongs ($10 Quilt at The Hobby Horse) in 2005. WOW!!! This is the progress on one of them. 

Cabin in the Woods - Quilt number one!

There are still TWO pieced borders to go on top and then applique borders on all four sides. Two of those borders are partially completed for this quilt. This is the last you'll see of the quilt until after UFO. 

Here's the second quilt. I completed the applique (purple bear paws) last week, and I pieced the maple leaf blocks. And here's the status of the second quilt.  

Cabin in the Woods - Quilt number two

I used part of this for my applique class homework prep, so I'm double dipping on the projects, which works for me. I've more double dipping that I can do on the clam shells as well. I used felt and a hand blanket stitched with Perle cotton on the first quilt to finish the edges. 

Wool felt with hand blanket stitch

I used ultrasuede and a MACHINE blanket stitch with 40-weight machine embroidery thread to try something different for the second quilt. 

Ultra suede and a machine blanket stitch

For the brown border on the second one, there are some pieces already partially sewn that I can use. There is more than enough fabric there - I just need the time. 

The bits for the second brown border

But I've put this away temporarily (UFO is not until December 17) because there are THREE classes this weekend that I need to finish prepping for, and well -- I worked on one this morning and will work on the others for the remainder of this week. 

I need more design walls to hold everything! But there is a giant quilt almost sewn together (Barn Star Sampler), and once that is off, I'll have loads of room to work. 

I got the weirdest message on my PFAFF icon 2 this morning. What the heck does that mean? I've never seen it before, and nothing precipitated it - the thread didn't break, no needles broken, the bobbin had thread, etc. 

A weird message on the sewing machine

So, I waited a moment (about 5 seconds) to register what this was. I touched OK and continued to sew. Very strange!

I had walked over to Diane's the other day and picked up four more quilt tops! Those are added to the pile, and there are a "few" more to pick up! I must dig through more fabric baskets to see what I can find. There's no time this week as I've got some major sewing to accomplish. 

Community project quilts

Just before dinner, I opened the EXIT Game Advent Calendar. OH boy -- this looks complicated. So, I left it until DH joined me. Then he read the note, and we looked at the clues. The scene was intense as we peered into the box. At one point, we had the phone flashlight in action. We had to solve a code, and I was writing it down, and he said, "That's not spelling anything!" and was saying, more or less, that I was going down a rabbit hole. 

WAIT A MINUTE -- I had picked ONE incorrect color! And when I changed that color, the code was revealed. AHA! Now, who is smarter? 

Yep - we're like two little kids when we open that box. I have to say that I'm enjoying this one. Perhaps it's working in a team that makes it more fun. And this one is supposed to be easier than the one from last year. I LOVE the puzzles and that we can figure them out with some thought. 

I think a husband and wife team creates the puzzles, and I can't imagine that process. 

Well, I went down a rabbit hole. I was going to find the link to the EXIT Games team, and we won't go there. I watched some YouTube for advent reveals, then went to the library app to look for puzzle games by Dr. Gareth Moore, and then to the library website. And, well, it's time to stop fooling around. I have work to do today!!!!

Have a super day!!!


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