Wednesday, December 6, 2023

I will NOT go to the thrift store!

I spent the entire morning in front of the computer. My entire morning consisted of about 2 hours as I had to have lunch early because of a dentist appointment at Noon. In those two hours, I cranked out a lot of e-mails, but I'm behind, and I still have homework to send out. Well, it's incredible how much time all those little details take. 

I'll just keep plugging away at it, and as the classes are coming to a close for this year, hopefully, those follow-ups will get less and less, but then I have to get ready for 2024. Thankfully, there's not as much admin work? We'll see how it goes. 

When I looked at my calendar yesterday to indicate my availability for 2024 SVP events, there wasn't much to pass along - well, I mean, the dates when I wasn't available are few. Let's hope it stays that way. 

So I walked to the dentist and got two cavities filled. Technically, they weren't cavities but fixing old fillings. How I wish I had cared for my teeth better when I was younger. But I didn't, so I pay the price now. And let's not talk about the THREE crowns they are suggesting. How much does a crown cost these days? 

Anyway, the thrift store is near the dentist. 

  • I do NOT need to go to the thrift. I don't. I have lots of stuff at home. 
  • But it's Tuesday -- that's SENIOR day, and if there is anything, this is the day to buy it. 
  • I do NOT need to go to the thrift store. 
  • But what if there's something new that's come in. 
  • I do NOT need to go to the thrift store. 
  • BUT...

And the next thing I knew, I was at the thrift store. I'm so weak! Anyway, I looked around, and how could I resist this?

ORANGE ribbon yarn

I bought ONE ball only - the rest can stay for someone else. But the turnover in this store always amazes me. Things like yarn do not last long. Many items seem to be there for a maximum of two weeks and are gone. That's amazing - or if it's not gone in two weeks, they bundle it up and send it elsewhere? I must admit that I always wanted a thrift store nearby so I could go frequently. And now my wish has come true!

I didn't buy much as I didn't take my bag with me. I'll leave my money at home in the future, but I had taken money because of the dentist! 

My thrift store finds

Wait -- I have to tell you this story. So, one of my four items wouldn't scan properly. The young staff member approached me and asked if everything was OK. As a matter of fact, no. She wanted to know if I knew how to scan. Good god -- I've already scanned two items. Then she said, "GIVE me the item, and I will scan it!" She had a bit of an edge to her voice. I chuckled when the code didn't work even for her, and she had to punch the code in! HA! 

Then I asked for the senior discount. She looked at me like I just asked her to give me everything for free. "You're not old enough!" she said. AH - yes, I am. I told her I had my driver's license to prove it, and she made me dig out my ID! I got the senior discount! 

There is GOOD news on the applique front. I got out my threads and set up the PFAFF icon2 to do the applique stitching on my clamshell block. I listened to my audiobook, and despite a few interruptions, the block is DONE!

The clamshell block is done!

Getting this done makes me very HAPPY!!! Then I did some other sewing, and I closed up shop after dinner! I know! Not before I got a few more half-square triangles trimmed. 

Trimming half-square triangles

I'm behind one day in the puzzle advent calendar, so here's the puzzle from two days ago. 

Advent jigsaw puzzle

And I think I have DH hooked on the EXIT Game Advent Calendar. I opened it up at dinner (he wasn't at the table yet), but he soon came along when he heard me open the little door. I had read the information and looked at the clues. Yikes --- this looks complicated. 

One of the clues

The second clue

I have to admit that with input from BOTH of us, we got an answer. And it's shocking to see how quickly he sees things that I don't think I would have seen, and vice versa. I checked the answer, and SORRY -- it's not right. I got the look of death! "What do you mean it's not right?" Well, the symbols don't match. Then I realized I had the decoder card UPSIDE down, and when I turned it the right way up, everything matched, and we found the box for today! Oops!!!!

I have to say that I'm having a LOT more fun with this one than I did last year. As I said, I had abandoned the darn thing, but this year -- we are making our way through and having fun doing it. We both have a bit of travel this month, and I will wait so we can do it together, even though we will now finish after Christmas. That's OK. 

I was still in the mood for sewing, so I decided to forge ahead and work on the SECOND block in Green Tea and Sweet Beans that required applique. And this is what happened. 

I wanted to add more leaves to the block as I felt it looked bare. 

Prepping the leaves

So now the extra leaves are done, the threads are chosen to finish off the satin stitch around the edges, and I'm good to go for later in the day when I can get to the sewing machine. 

The LAST applique block on this quilt

If all goes well, I should be able to finish the applique today, and then I can rightfully say there is no more paper piecing or applique for a while. Well, that's not entirely true, and you'll see why later this week. But getting this block done will allow me to make big leaps and bounds of progress on this quilt. And since the show and tell is on Friday, this is the last you'll see until after our class. 

That Murphy loves her dog bed in the window! I gave them each a treat before I went to the dentist. She jumps up in the bed to chew away. Lexi went somewhere to eat hers. I can't give Lexi the same chew toy as she tries to hide it, and then Murphy finds it, so she gets something small that I know she'll eat right away. 

MOM - I wish you would go to the dentist more often!

And then look at the goof last night when I was trying to read in the living room. I think we need new chairs in that room. The chairs we have just don't fit my body. And I end up slouching in them and then get a stiff low back. Hmm -- I'm not prepared to buy new furniture at the moment. 

MOM - I can be on guard even with a toy in my mouth!

I also got rid of some extra accessories for the sewing machines I no longer need, so it was good to get them out of the house before I attempted to make some significant inroads to putting things back where they belong. But first, I need to get through the classes this weekend, and then I'll have some breathing room. There are no urgent deadlines, and I have enough sewing to get through the classes, but I really want to finish some stuff. 

The quilting machine will be in operation next week! 

On that note, I'm off to spin class. I admit that I found Monday challenging. It was long, and I wasn't up to my normal pace, which is OK. Afterward, I felt so much better, and even though I walk a lot, it's not the same exercise. I don't think walking strengthens my legs, and they are getting weak! I need to be doing more!

On that happy note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day!



  1. ah yes, crowns. I have 5 plus a 4 tooth bridge top/front. Don't ask, just do it. I just tell myself it beats dentures and is the price of poor dental care in my younger years.

    Happy Wednesday!

    1. Oh boy! I'm waiting for an estimate from insurance. I know it won't be cheap! I think I have one crown -- if I do, it's been there a long time. I used to have a three-tooth bridge in the front, until the anchor teeth rotted away, so now I have three lovely implants. Cha Ching!!!! As you said -- such an indication of poor dental care in our youth! Now we know! Have a super day!