Wednesday, December 20, 2023

The light show!

It was a very productive day. It was one of those days that fit me to a T. Minimal planning for the day had been done, but yet, it was like the stars were aligned, and EVERYTHING And EVERYONE we wanted to see or do got done! I was mentally exhausted at the end of the day, but so much progress was made. 

And everywhere you go, you meet people! That's the beauty (or not) of living in a small town. It doesn't matter where you go - you meet people! So, all around, it was a great day. 

Although you have to watch people. I took in some papers to be shredded. At home, they wheel the bin right over to the counter (after they weigh the paper), and I have to shove the paper into the narrow slot. It's a pain, but that's OK. Yesterday, the guy took the bundle of paper (it wasn't much), set it on top of the bin, and said he would do it later. 

Ah? No! I brought that paper in so it could be shredded and keep it from prying eyes, which includes yours! So I made him put the paper in the slot while I watched him. Seriously -- the bin is on wheels - just wheel it over or let me inside to shove the paper in the slot. Some people don't get the idea of confidentiality!

I got an update from the girls at home. They were mesmerized by something outside the front window but absolutely hilarious in the pecking order. Lexi is NOT keen on anything new, and while we've put her on the window seat, she jumps down as quick as she can get away with. She is NOT ever going to jump up there. Well, I'm pretty sure she won't. So, she is happy to take a back seat to Murphy. Silly girls -- the bed is large enough for both to sleep in. And yes, I had to put the metal bike in front of the window because otherwise, Murphy would jump on the window, and that's not good. 

MOM - we're watch dogs while you are away

Now, if I need a new chair at home, why not this one? Good grief -- the thing flashes psychedelic lights, which any gamer would want to add to all the lights on the screen. I think I'll pass. I know some people use these for sewing chairs, but my sewing never gets that intense in length or otherwise that I need this kind of chair. I should have checked the price. Good grief -- I just checked online, and the cost is about $250 and includes a massage! And LED lights. I'll pass. 

A gaming chair

I took some trips down memory lane yesterday and probably posted this picture before. But what a cute baby! Look at the swirl on top - I look like an ice cream cone! 

I'm an ice cream cone

What's old is new -- look at the spirograph! I didn't look closely at the box, but I used to have one, and also the spirograph deluxe, which got you working OUTSIDE the circle ring. Oh yes --- and now I can create spirograph designs in my Sewnet embroidery software!!!

What's old is new - Spirograph

There was a small gathering in the apartment last night to celebrate Christmas. Dad popped down for a bit, but I knew I would have to go and "rescue" him, not from the other people, but from himself. My Dad is a talker --- so you know where I get it from. And it reminded me of many shopping trips to town when Mom would be waiting with the kids for Dad to remember that he brought us to town and needed to pick us up!

It's not like I didn't want him to stay and visit, but we had plans! We were off to see the lights at the Museum. 

This is the front entrance, and I had to laugh because the structure that everything is sitting on here used to be a tower for the TV antennae back at the farm. It got cut up and repurposed. You cannot let anything go to waste! 

The entrance to the light display

Dad made the frames for this train and the cars! He simply bent wrought iron strips into the shapes. They got welded together, and someone strung the lights on them. Yep -- making stuff is in our blood! If I remember correctly, my brother also made some of the outlines. And that was many years ago. 

A lighted train

This is the main street of Pioneer Village. It was hard to get pictures of the lights in the dark. And someone was always creeping on my bumper, so we went around twice! But they did a great job on the display, and I got the full description of where the pieces came from. Great bonding time!

Main Street in the Pioneer Village

I'm going to refer back to that magazine I mentioned yesterday - The Art of Craft. And if you're a maker, you already know this. We need to make - we were born to create things! And we all know that making things and being creative is the BEST way to stay active, fight depression, and maintain strong mental health! 

Two other things to note -- you are NEVER too old to learn or try something new. NEVER!! Don't forget my Dad, who taught himself how to take a simple piece of clipart and take it into THREE different software programs in various steps so he could create a file that he could use to cut metal on his plasma cutter. He's 90, and he learned how to do this during COVID. By watching YouTube!!

I have a few things to learn, and we will have a computer session later today so I can write down the steps for the first part. Because the files he creates for the plasma cutter simply take the SVG that we use for digital cutters one step further to make a cutting file for his cutter. Yes -- this CNC technology works the same for all devices - you just need to translate the language into the correct format for your tool. 

The thing about it is digital cutters, embroidery machines, and computerized long arms (I got all those), plasma cutters, laser cutters, 3D printers are ALL based on CNC, and as long as you can translate one language to another -- they all do the same thing! 

Yep -- I will enjoy my three weeks of downtime when I'm home because I have much to learn. 

On that note, I'd better get moving. I lounged in bed for a bit this morning, and now I'm behind. I never did get out for a walk yesterday - there wasn't time. And do you know that at 9 AM, it was still dark here? Good grief!!! 

Have a super day!!!


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