Saturday, February 22, 2014

Black or white?

Day one of the crazy marathon weekend - DONE!  (And everyone survived!)

I like to spread out and since I have some large spaces to spread out on - well I spread out. So I had to tidy up yesterday morning since people were coming over for a sit n sew. Not only did I have to clean up my sewing projects, but some of the Christmas decorations - well the snowmen and the nutcrackers were still sitting on the tables and had to be put away.

However by the time they arrived - VOILA - clean tables...............
Isn't that INVITING?   Get out your machine and start sewing something????    Anything???

Oh yes - I am faced with that dilemna EVERY DAY. Perhaps that is why I try to cover them with stuff so I won't be tempted to do more????

The other group of work tables (Sharron's machine is having a sleep over until Sharron is back for Sunday's Sit n Sew)
Cutting mats cleared off and so is the ironing board

Now if I could just keep it that way and bring out ONE project at a time so I don't get befuddled?????

Well how about TWO bags worth of current stuff that I NEED to be working on and get finished SOON!!!!!

I am going to limit myself to those TWO bags until I get the stuff done.  

I WILL NOT get anything else out from the shelf
I WILL NOT get anything else out from the shelf
I WILL NOT get anything else out fromt he shelf...............

I say that now - what will happen tonight????  Well the tables must remain clear for the group tomorrow but after they leave - I will NOT be held responsible for what jumps off the shelves!!!!!!!!!!

In keeping with my promise to myself, I cut out TWO quilts last night and both were from the big blue bag.

We had received a package of fat quarters from one of our guilds for community projects. Well I DID NOT like the fabrics they had assembled.   I mean - I did not like all of them together. So I divided the package into two and added some of my own stuff and then I had TWO quilts to do.  Honestly - this mulitplying thing - I have to stop that!!!!!!!!!!

Project One - cut and the pieces on the bottom will be used in the border (there are extras in the cut pieces for the border or it may get a different border than I have planned)

Project Number two - cut
The border pieces for project two

And then I dug out the next project that needs cutting. HEY - I have TWO sewing days coming up this week - Monday and Thursday and I had better make sure there is enough in that basket to keep me going for two days. If anyone is interested - there is room on Thursday............   just saying..........

My problem with this next quilt is what do I frame those blocks with - black or white??????

Black framing or white framing??????    (YES - I know those blocks are VERY BUSY - I will know better next time)
I am leaning towards the white frame and then use black  for a sashing. 

 Got to figure that out tonight and get those cut.

 We had a pretty full house yesterday, although two ladies didn't make it - the weather was pretty ugly in the morning, but turned out to be a glorious day.

Jan was working on her eight-pointed star sample for class today and then she was making a ton of half square triangles.
Gilian and Linda were cutting out quilts.
Gail was working on a gorgeous Kaffe Fassett quilt (yes - why wasn't I taking pictures?????)
Ruth was making a piano key border
Sharron was trimming blocks and then started to assemble her quilt

Isn't that awesome??????    (And HUGE!!!!!!!!!!)

And Pat was making a raggy baby quilt

Raggy quilt before the cutting

It was an awesome day and I have a full house on Sunday as well.

It really is a super opportunity for anyone who wants to get a load of sewing done - hey I do all your pressing and seam ripping. What more could you ask for?????

If anyone is interested - there are still a couple of spots on Sunday, March 23 and Sunday, April 27 as well as Friday, March 21 and April 18. Spaces are VERY LIMITED (so sign up NOW). I had to turn away people for February.  The cost is $40 which is a donation to Hospice Palliative Care in Ontario (you get a tax receipt). Can I reach my goal of $2,500?????   With the current number of sign-ups - I am very close. So sign up and help make it possible. And if you can't participate, but would still like to make a donation or just get more information - here is the link...............

The Healing Cycle web site

Basically iit is a WIN-WIN-WIN day for everyone involved.

On that note - I am out of here. I have a smidgen more prep work for my $10 quilts at The Hobby Horse.  Of course - I always get excited about starting a new class - so fun to see the progress.

Have an AWESOME day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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