Sunday, February 23, 2014

I didn't touch A THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear - I did NOT take anything off that shelf.  I really did NOT!!!!!!!   But look what happened.............

A quilt and a book added to these work tables (the book is to be returned to someone so it stays), but the quilt is now put away (it just needs the BBB - bording, binding and backing treatment!!!)

Oh dear - there are those two bags and behind the bags - well that is some of the stuff that I unloaded from my three classes in the day!!!!!!!!!
The cutting mat - filled with stuff that needs to be put away from the classes
Ironing board - more stuff to put away or take photos of!!!!!!

I am happy to report that everything is off the tables and what I could put away is put away. But there is work to be done - pictures to post, sewing and applique to be done and assignments to send out - so it is sitting on the floor by my computer!!!!!!!!!    I hope to get it done after the Sit n Sew.

Oh yes - it just never stops here!!!!!!!!    I made GOOD PROGRESS on Clue Six for the Mystery quilt.  Only two more clues to type up. They get a bit complex since I like to `draw`pictures as well. Hmmmm - perhaps once we have finished the quilt at the guild - I could post the clues on my blog?????  

Happy to report that the latest copy of A Needle Pulling Thread has been published.

Spring 2014 issue of A Needle Pulling Thread

The issue is all about stuff for babies!!!!!!!!!

I wrote an article on some tips for making baby quilts.

Tips on making baby quilts!!!!!!!   

 I must say that as much as I HATE having a deadline - I really like writing those articles and that means I had better get my act together because another one is due VERY SOON!!!!!!

If you are a parent - you will so appreciate this. You know how it is with kids. As they grow up and become their own person - there are many trials and tribulations. There is no manual for this - you have to make it up as you go along. There are times when you wish they were never born (not really - but close!) and then there are those moments when you are SO PROUD of them that it totally cancels out all the bad moments.

Last night, M and I had such a good chat while we ate dinner (yes - we ate together - it is happening more often and I so appreciate it!).   Oh my - we chatted about a whole pile of things and we were able to communicate like two grown-up mature adults. I so ENJOYED it. And as our discussion roamed through many subjects, I have to say that I am so proud of her. She has come a LONG way and has accomplished some amazing things. Awesome job M!!!!!!!!!!!      So PROUD of you!!!!!!!!!!!

 However she must have not thought the same way because at 2:30 AM - she woke me up - she must have been having a nightmare because she was either yelling or mumbling loudly.   I failed as a parent - I sent Sammy to see that she was OK!!!!!

On that note - I have to get back to work on my Clue Six before the ladies arrive for Sit n Sew.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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