Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Days - The FINAL reveal!!!

OK - so this blog post is way overdue from November!!!!   But I am catching up!!!!!

The pattern we did was called Snow Days by Crabapple Hill.   Lots of embroidery and piecing. I have to say that the group came through and did an AMAZING job with all the work.   Here are fruits of their labour..............

Chris (a tad behind!)

Anita (also a tad behind - I think they are a bad influence on each other!)

Maureen - she added a small dark border to the outside of her quilt top



Jan - who wanted her quilt to be much bigger than the original (that is a trend with Jan!)

Nice borders though!!!!

Elaine S

Mary D






Mary S

Kay (this picture is from October)

Pauline (also from October reveal) 

Lorraine (also from October reveal)

Donna (from October reveal) - Nice extra borders!!!!!

Jo - (from October reveal)

Jo (from September reveal)
Jo (from our early September reveal)

Jo (from our early September reveal).   I think she is ALMOST done!!!!

Kathy M (our second Kathy) - from the early September reveal

Kathy M (our second one)

Linda D (from June reveal)

Mary C (from June reveal)

Katheleen (from April reveal)

Katheleen (from April reveal)

Helen (from early September reveal)

Helen (from early September reveal)

Lynn (this is from the early September reveal - YES - she was done by then and it is getting hand quilted!!!)

Ann (another over achiever - not only did she add extra borders, but this was quilted and bound!!!)

Nice borders!!!!!!!!!!!
Linda (who worked on a different Crabapple Hill pattern from the rest of us). She also changed the borders from the original pattern. (that picture is a bit fuzzy!!!!)

We are always looking for ideas on quilting embroidered blocks. Here are some samples of the quilting:






The following are samples of quilting that Linda did on her Winter Wonderland quilt.

It is so exciting to see the completed tops.   Awesome job everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

There were 32 people signed up for the class.  I have pictures of homework of most of them and most of those are completed or almost completed tops.  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!    I wonder how the rest of them are coming along?????   Maybe they need to come to my embroidery days?????   I know that getting to class for a couple of people became difficult over the year.  And there were several that I don't think we EVER saw any homework from them!!!!   Hmmmmmmmm..................    Well - if you get your top done - bring it in. I want to see it finished!!!!!

Don't forget that our new projects are going to start on February 22 at the Hobby Horse. I had loads of fun with this class and can't wait to get started with the next ones.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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