Friday, February 21, 2014

Hidden treasures!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing - you wonder about something and VOILA - it magically appears!!!

Remember yesterday, I was wondering if anyone knew WHEN you should drink your daily water. Well my aunt just happened to post this on Facebook. Perfect timing!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't this amazing???????????????     OK - so I will try to follow this as I find that TWO bottles of water is pretty filling and then for some reason - I was thirsty the rest of the day!!!!!!!!!  I am normally NOT thirsty!

M fillls up FOUR bottles of water (I think they are 750 ML) and drinks them throughout the day.

Someone else suggested that you don't have to drink all your liquid as water and yes I agree, but I DO NOT drink juice any longer. Too many empty calories for me - I'd rather eat fruit instead which does have water.

Just did a check on drinking tea - since I drink a lot of tea in a day. Well - a lot for me - two or sometimes three cups (and I like BIG cups). None of that dainty little china cup stuff for me. Well - there is the TOP 10 reasons why tea is GOOD for you and there is the TOP 10 reasons why tea is BAD for you. I guess you have to take it all with a grain of salt!!!!!   And the key to everything - moderation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (oh crap - I HATE that word - moderation. Isn't there ANYTHING that we can do or eat copious amounts of and is good for us???????)

Did you like the little blurb above????   Google them and look at the images. There are SO MANY neat sayings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      (OK - I did it for you - click the link below)  

cool sayings about health

Oh - I want to read them all - very cool site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday I am preparing for a class that I am teaching on Saturday (hopefully if the weather is decent). Anyway - I was looking for some background fabric that will obviously set the tone of the quilt. I grabbed something off my 2014 shelf that I THOUGHT was for a specific project. WELL - well I opened it up, I got a shock.

I thought the package was just yardage (icky yardage, but it has its merits) 

WELL - look at what I found.....................

Yep - a pile of HOPSCOTCH blocks already made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I need about a week and I could clear up quite a bit off that shelf. There must be 10 quilts on the shelf - the blocks are DONE - they just need to be laid out and sewn together.  Yes - there are at least 10!!!!!!!!!

I love gifts!!!!!   (OK - we all do!)

Look at what Jeanette got for me when she was on a trip to Road to California show

I MUST get myself organized and make some bike quilts!!!!!

On that note - I have TEN people coming today for a Pampered Sit n Sew today. Yikes!    The studio is pretty much in order and that is all that counts!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (drink your water!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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