Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I've got the cold weather blues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The seat of my Chevy is freezing, the dog died, my girl friend left me and all I have to console me is a bottle of booze!!!!!!!!!!!

HEY - I am in COUNTRY BLUES country.    Gosh - the radio is on every day and all the songs are about some crazy thing!!!!      I could listen to my audio books, but that is hard to do when you are chatting about - well I won't go into the details of those lovely conversations!!!!   You know - things that are important to those who are recovering from surgery. Nuff said!!!!!!!!!!!

My BIG excitement yesterday was to check the level of propane in the tanks. The propane guy was in the area and did we need any????   I zipped outside - nope - both tanks are at 50 percent. That is enough to get through the rest of winter. But with the current temperatures here - I don't know.

Since I was out, I decided to brave the weather and go for a walk.

Heading out the farm yard to the main road

In some spots - the roads are SHEER ice. I did NOT walk there

The view from the top of the hill.   There is a river in the valley.   And you thought Saskatchewan was flat!!!!!!!!!

I did walk all the way to the main road and this is looking back at the hill.  As kids we used to sled down this hill until it got so slippery that Dad couldn't make it up the hill. We weren't allowed to sled down it any more!!!!!!!!!!

The best part - at the bottom of the hill was the main road. Yep - we would shoot out over that road and into the ditch on the other side.   Not that there was a lot of traffic, but certainly a lot more than now. Hardly any traffic on that road

And if I thought we had big rabbits back home - look at this

There is my footprint to give you a reference.  Looks like a killer bunny to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so HOW COLD WAS IT???????

At 1 PM - it was minus 22 and let's not forget the windchill across that open field!!!!!!!

I have to say that I was toasty warm inside my down sweater.  It is so light, yet so warm.   Only my jean-clad legs and my butt were cold.

And in the event of a power failure - we have no worries.

This is the CADILLAC of generators!!!!!   I thought it would be bigger, but it is pretty small. 

Oh - we also got ALL the pictures scanned and loaded for this family book that we want to make. That was a HUGE accomplishment.   The excitement is KILLING me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well - I wonder what excitement we can conjure up today.   Hmmm - more binding, more reading, more computer work????   Hold me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note -

Have a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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