Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The River's Edge Quilt Guild

I had the pleasure of spending some time with the local quilt guild - The River's Edge Quilt Guild.

My Aunt Irene (who is a pretty prolific quilter) is a member.  It is pretty uncanny how much alike we are!   I got my first sewing machine from her. I guess she didn't need it - she probably bought some fancy new machine. Anyway - I got the GREEN Singer sewing machine and the cabinet.  The machine died a long time ago and I threw it out. I could kick myself for doing that, but I did keep the cabinet which I have rigged up to hold my older Husqvarna machine.

Anyway - I am pretty jealous of this guild. They have an amazing space to sew in, they can sew at least TWICE a week and it is bright and very nice (and the price is right).

Sewing room for the guild

There is another space on the left side of those pillars that is equally as big. Tables are permanently set up. They have some permanent storage space in those cabinets along the right wall under the windows and a small library set up in the coffee area.   Oh boy - they do not know how lucky they are!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I sat with them last Thursday while they sewed. I hand stitched bindings!!!   (which I am happy to say are DONE!!!!!   YES - five quilts in one week - that is a first for me!!!!  But I have to say that I struggled with boredom on the last one. )

Anyway - while I was there, I took some pictures to show you what they are working on..............   I am NOT going to get the names right.

My aunt was working on this thirties - drunkard's path

Here are the pieces!  YES - I think she loves curved seams - just like me!!!!

Someone else was working on this Asian theme quilt

Here is the pattern in the magazine

Darlene was making half square triangles. Now you know how I like to make them, but she was trying out this Wonder Cut Ruler.  I have to say - I was impressed!!!!

Those half square triangles were PERFECT!!!!!!!  

A new member was working on this camouflage quilt 

Arlene was putting the borders on her Hidden Wells.  And Arlene used to teach school at our little one room school house.  She taught my brother!!!!

Then I had to leave them to do some errands.   But they had their monthly meeting the next day so I went back!!!!   My aunt had to chair the meeting because the President was away.  Hey FLO - that sounds like just home. Our President is away and because I am Vice President - guess who gets to chair the meetings!!!!!

After the meeting, they had show n tell - here are some of the things that they have been working on............

They were making cards.............

This is a card that Arlene made with scraps from the Hidden Wells quilt. Now she is going to write QUILT CARE INSTRUCTIONS in the card and give it with the quilt as it is a gift.  Now isn't that a brilliant idea!!!!

Another card (I believe they are stitched right on the paper and then a paper insert in the center of the card covers the stitching) 

Fussy cut cards

Another fussy cut card with stitching around the image

And this is the back of the card!   What a great way to use up those incomplete images!!!!!
And yet another card.   There were plenty more - I should have taken a picture of the lot of them when they were hanging up!!!!!

An awesome folding tote bag!!!!!    Here it is closed up. 

Here it is OPEN and ready to TOTE things. 

They had had a class on the tote bags and so there were several bags on display, but the last name of the woman who showed this one tweaked my curiosity. I spoke to her after the meeting. Turns out she is the DAUGHTER-IN-LAW of my old HOME EC teacher.  Yep - the teacher that I was terrified off and decided that I needed to learn to sew BEFORE I went to her class. And that is how I made my first quilt - sewing up scraps of PJ flannel on my mom's Singer so I would MAKE AN IMPRESSION on Mrs. Sealy (or perhaps I didn't want to embarrass myself???)   Either way - I think I won the HOME EC award for Grade Nine!!!!!!

Lover's Knot place mats - love the colours on these

More place mats. These were made with a canvas type toile and that little black flange just sets them off. 

Darlene had made a T-shirt quilt which I somehow did NOT manage to get a picture off, but look what she did with the leftover T-shirt stuff.

She cut it into strips and crocheted a gorgeous rug.  Yep - I see one of those in my future.  

Arlene got the borders on her Hidden Wells

And I believe this was Darlene's quilt as well. That blue just pops out and looks awesome. 

Arlene also made this little rabbit out of fleece.  He's pretty cute!!!!

There was other stuff, but I was busy yakking and some stuff disappeared before I could get the pictures.

Well - I had just the best time with the guild. Like all quilters - they were friendly and welcomed me into the fold like they had known me for years (well I guess some of them have!!!)

Had some good conversations with my aunt and OH BOY - we are like two peas in a pod. She LOVES scrap quilts - YEP - so do I. She LOVES minis - YEP - so do I. She LOVES log cabin - YEP - so do I.

When I was delivering the quilt to my uncle, she brought out some of her quilts.

Mini scrap log cabin

Mini scrap pineapple

I was doing good until I saw these.  I am now chomping on the bit to get home and get sewing!!!!!!!

It was a great time - I was so glad that I could join the guild for a couple of days of sewing and fun.

Thanks to the ladies of The River's Edge Quilt Guild for making me feel so welcome!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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