Sunday, February 2, 2014

From cold to the deep freeze!

No exotic vacation for me!!!!!   NOPE  - I made it to SASKATOON in Saskatchewan!   (And no I did NOT get on the wrong plane) Yep - someplace that is even colder than where I came from. That means I will be able to appreciate the weather in Toronto much better.

Yeah - Saskatoon

Wow - the airport is completely different - well they have added a whole new wing with new gates from when I was here last time. 

Got my luggage - nothing got lost. Yeah!  Got the rental car and for a few bucks more - I got upgraded to an SUV!!!!  Why not - the roads can be crap around here. 

My NEW car

Oh yes - this thing is loaded - heated steering wheel which I hate and had to find the button to turn off. I am a plain Jane kind of girl when it comes to my cars. But after sending this picture to M, I got the whole low down of the safety features. AHA - I learned that it was Berke responding to my text, NOT M. Should have known that!!!!!

And yes it is cold here, but not as bad as I anticipated. However - you know you are in cold country when you see this in the parking lot.

YEP - you can plug your car in here!!!!!

And why am I in Saskatchewan at this time of the year????   My dad got a new hip on Friday. Surgery went well and he is being released on Monday at 10 AM.   Holy cow - that is pretty quick!!!   But he is a good patient and a good outlook on life!!!

Popped into the hospital to visit Dad. 

Before the hospital visit, I had to get the "important" stuff out of the way. Delivered a quilt to a customer's son who lives close to the airport. That is FULL SERVICE for sure.

Zipped into Michael's to find a crochet hook. Don't ask!!!   BUT I ran into my cousin while I was there. Are you kidding me??????   She doesn't live in Saskatoon and obviously neither do I - but yep - we both recognized each other. We had a good chat while we waited in line. And it was a SERIOUS line-up for the cash at Michael's. It was at least 20 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Visited the quilt store.  HOLD ME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!    They had so many neutrals - gorgeous gorgeous neutrals. I did buy a book and will look at a pattern and probably go back. I know - I shouldn't but these are gorgeous.

Gorgeous neutrals
More neutrals

And they also had WOVEN look KONA cottons.   OH MY GOD - they are to die for. Thank god they had incorporated them into the stacks so I ONLY bought a bit of the orange.

And for anyone coming to Saskatoon - Periwinkle Quilting is MOVING.    They are going to Broadway so will have to locate them next time I am out. I do like their selection of stuff.

Next stop - the McNally Robinson book shop. Oh boy - this place is better than Chapter's. I could spend HOURS and HOURS browsing through the collections. But I didn't, but I did manage to snag a book.  The magazine selection is getting pretty weak everywhere and I already have the current Quiltmania magazine so couldn't even buy that.

BUT - the Saskatoon guild hangs some quilts in the book store (which changes every three months). Here are some of the quilts that were hanging.

Isn't this gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

And how simple is this?????????????/

Cathy C - do you recognize this??????   Apparently there were quite a few paper dolls printed!!!!

Then my visit to the hospital and of course a stop at Tim's and then the 1 1 2 hour drive to the farm where my parents live!!!!!     Oh - I did stop at the Value Village before heading out. You never know what you are going to find. I found a nice bag of crochet cotton in a big variety of colours. Nope - don't even ask!!!!!!

I have gotten lost in a book and well - I finally got connected to the internet this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!   (ooops - make that afternoon!!!)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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