Friday, February 7, 2014

Block of the Month

Mary and I decided to take on the job of Block of the Month at the Mississauga Guild for the 2013/2014 year. What to do - what to do?????    Should we use an existing pattern - then we have to deal with copyright, should we do single blocks that will eventually go together or just random blocks. Should they be handed in and then a draw or the owner keeps them??

So many questions. Then we decided to do something very off the wall. We decided to design OUR own quilt and offer it to the guild in sections. They would get 1/9th of the quilt every month. We gave them very little information - well they got lots of information (there are TWO tutorials on my blog to help them get started), BUT we did NOT give them any indication of colour. Matter of fact - they got SEVERAL options for the colouring of the background.

AND to top it off - they do NOT get the next pattern until they show us their completed work. I know - how mean are we!!!!    BUT - we have over 50 people making this quilt (and yes we are a bit flexible on handing out the patterns, but those behind are catching up!!!!)

The project has now been affectionately called CHUNK of the month as each piece is technically a CHUNK of the lap sized quilt. It is not for the faint of heart and I am so PROUD and HONOURED that so many have taken the plunge.   The results will BLOW you away.

Remember - they could choose whatever colour scheme they wanted, they could use ONE fabric for the background or they could graduate from top to bottom or top left to bottom right using as many fabrics/colours as they wanted. (Like I said - lots of flexibility).

(And we shared the program with the Brampton Guild as well).

Have a look at some of the results ............   (the pieces shown are NOT all the same chunk and some of them might be sideways or upside down!!!)

This is what they get each month. A gray scale diagram of the quilt chunk

Gorgeous batik greens

Multi-colour with purple stars

Classic blue and yellow

Soothing browns

The colour PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black and white - awesome

More beautiful batiks

Red and white

Another chunk of the red and white quilt

More multi coloured

More black/white and red. These are the four blocks that have been assigned so far (although they got another one last night)

Gorgeous blue and yellow 

And this is my first block

Here are my two blocks together. OK OK - so I am a bit behind!!!!!!

More soft colours!!!!!!!!!!

And this one is going to be BRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

A number of years ago, I did Block of the Month and we did blocks that were handed in and then one (or in some cases two) lucky winners took home the blocks.  That was a very successful program as well. I still see one or two of those finished quilt show up from time to time. Our colour theme was blue and white.

This quilt was brought to show n tell and the owner made hers in purple.

Block of the Month from several years ago

I did not provide a setting at that time so each person did their own thing.

I will dig out pictures of my quilt once I get back home. I think I won one set of blocks and made a HUGE quilt (that is still not quilted) and then I made a sample quilt that I want to fix a bit on. It is quilted and I don't like some of the quilting. Anyway - I will show you that later and I will dig out one more picture for you of this Block of the Month.

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