Friday, February 14, 2014

Knit One, Knit One, Knit One............................

Yep - I have resurrected my knitting.  I used to knit ALL THE TIME.  Then I started to quilt - bought knitting kits and yarn and DID NOTHING. But (thanks to Nancy), I joined the knitting club at Ruti's Needlebed and well - there is NO STOPPING me now.

I do love to knit!!!!!!   Can I be so brave as to say that I don't have any knitting UFOs????   I had the cowl and it is done!

Knitted cowl - DONE

Then I had the leg warmers..........

Leg warmers - DONE

I still had ONE more UFO in the knitting world.  And of course it was not MY fault that I even started the project. That claim to fame belongs to Tish. She was at one of our retreats and knitting away at something that I loved so of course I HAD to start it. And because the yarn (or do we say wool????) - anyway - the skeins cost $9 EACH - I was going to buy as I went - then bit the bullet and bought enough for the whole project.  Oh yes - like quilting - knitting is NOT cheap.

The knitted log cabin afghan

Ooops - that is pretty small. Anyway - it is a knitted LOG CABIN afghan. Now I am using NORO yarn (wool) so I don't' have to change colours - the yarn is variegated. I had ONE block completed when I first started the project.  Now I have TWO more blocks done for a total of three and already started number four.

Block Two

Block Three

Both blocks were made from different skeins, but they are from the SAME colourway of the yarn - see how different they look. I like the first one better than the second one, but you can't choose!!!!

This is what the skeins look like

Anyway - my tension is probably too tight (I can't seem to bind off loosely) but as long as they are all the same size - who cares!!!!!

Once the twenty blocks are done - you are supposed to knit the sashing.  But the blocks aren't very big and I don't know that the afghan will be big enough to be useful!!!!   (Hey - as big as I make my lap quilts - one of my uncles said - how come it was so short!!!!!)    I may knit a sashing, but make the blocks into a shawl which I will wear!   I'll see how the project progresses.  So I have THREE more balls with me (each one makes a block - with a bit leftover). Got my little knitting bag, my bamboo needles and small scissors and I am ready for my flight later this afternoon!!!!!    Also got books on my iPod!!!

But I also worked on something else while I was here.

I got this yarn at Christmas.................    It is brilliant orange (of course) but also has reflective bits in it

Just transferred the project to double points from my circular

YEP - it's a toque!!!!!!   

I think Ruthi should have a finishing class.  I really would like to see different ways of tucking those ends in. But I did use the long tail cast on method and while I had to have my book in front of me - I did manage to get 40 stitches on the needle.

Now the toque needs a pompom.   Hmmmmm..................    - I used to make those when I was a kid and my pom pom makers are at home.

There is TONS of yarn left over.

Left over to make a pom-pom.

Or I could use the pom-pom that I got with the ball of yarn

Hmmmm - I think I like the yarn myself!!!!!!   

This is a problem that I want to avoid. So you get the project made - what do you do with the leftovers. There wasn't anything left of the leg warmers - I just knit until I got to the end of the ball. I think I did the same with the cowl. I suppose I could make a HUGE pompom and use up all the yarn. But what does one do with all those bits left over??????   I remember seeing a afghan somewhere where each square or squares were made with the leftovers and sewn together. I could do that, but I think I will try to make a very full pompom.  Then whatever bits are left over - I chop them up and put them in my yarn ball for the birds.

Chopped up bits from the leg warmers

Yarn ball for the birds - will put it out in the spring

I haven't had the courage to check out my yarn stash, but it is under control in a couple of bins. But I remember Nancy saying that she joined the knitting club because she had a tub or two of yarn and wanted to get it used up. Now she has FOUR - well I don't want that to happen. I do know that I have yarn for at least THREE projects and therefore - I do NOT want to buy more. So the next time that Ruthi shows me something - I am NOT going to even look!!!!!

ACK - HELP ME  - I HAVE COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOUR and I can't help it.   DH is very lucky I don't gamble. We would be living in a tent under a bridge by now!!!!

On that note - I am out of here. Got to get another block done!!!!!!!!!!!!   Don't worry - I am NOT giving up quilting - I am itching to get back to the machine.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. You might want to take your leftover bits and make tassels (rather than pom poms). They are perfect for putting on your luggage - making it easy to spot your suitcase in the sea of suitcases when at the airport. The brighter the better.