Sunday, February 16, 2014


Ah - how nice to get back to normal!  Well - we all know there is technically NO normal, but at least back into somewhat of a routine!   Remember me - I don't like change!  Actually I don't mind change at all at long as it is positive, necessary or for the better. Don't ask me to change for stupid reasons!!!!    And "just because" is the stupidest of them all!!!!!    ;)

I was off to teach a class yesterday morning. This was our FIRST class for NORTHERN LIGHTS. We have a super group of ladies signed up and going to have loads of fun.  The class is FULL, but Judy (the store owner) decided we could allow a few more people in so if you are interested, call Sew Sisters and get yourself signed up!!

Northern Lights - Saturday Morning Club at Sew Sisters

My other colour way of the same quilt   (and the smaller version)

The ladies were busy choosing colour schemes yesterday and OH MY - there are going to be some awesome quilts.  I can't wait to start the show n tell.    And the good news - the yellow that I was missing to finish my second colour way was IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!    So I got the fabric and the quilt and hope to get it done very quickly.

The missing yellow - boy the picture does NOT do justice to this as this yellow is BRILLIANT

But if you want to join up - don't worry - there was only ONE block assigned this month so you can catch up quite nicely.

(If you are in the class and reading this - I will be working on a posting later today with more specific information about our homework)

You know when you find something that suits someone perfectly - well you just have to buy it?  Don't worry - I do find stuff and can't help myself buying it for them. Well people reciprocate. So if you collect something or like something and want people to buy you stuff - you have to let us know what you like. Look at what Mary brought me yesterday.............

Notecards with bicycles on them. Not just note cards, but ORANGE notecards with bicycles - now who sat down and designed those?????   I LOVE them Mary - thank you so much!!!!!!!

We ran over our time frame so no official time for show n tell, but I did get a couple of pictures of some gorgeous work.
A while back, I showed these blocks that Marlene made - now she has them sewn together. Looks awesome. Those grey alternate blocks pull it all together!!!!

I think I posted this already, but this is Marlene's finished top for the tinners projects that we did several years back. Her theme was blue and white. 

And you remember when I was showing you the Love Entwined project that a couple of the ladies were working on?????

This is a picture of the original quilt from a book

I think this is an image designed in EQ7

And here is the link to Esther's blog so you can read all about it............

Well TWO people from our Saturday Morning club (AKA known as Christmas Club from a previous life)  are working on this quilt. This is Marlene's so far..............

Marlene's Love Entwined   (this is JUST THE CENTER of the quilt)

Detail of her PERFECTLY appliqued flower!!!!

She is using several different applique techniques and her workmanship is EXCELLENT.   Choice of colours is superb. Great job Marlene.

One day - I would love to say that I have worked on a quilt like that, but not enough to actually make me start it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now here is some show n tell from ME.....................

I got another postcard from our exchange in the mail 
 I had better get working on mine - I am in TWO groups so that equates to 12 postcards. I had been looking for some nice burlap and couldn't find any. Well - I found some in the Prairie Chicks store in Warman. 

Burlap - only $5.99 a meter (45 wide)  - I haven't seen it by the meter anywhere around Toronto.

Had to pop out for errands yesterday and zipped into Michael's to get a couple of things and LOOK WHAT I FOUND.....................

An ORANGE E - yep - had to buy that for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I was home and after going out for dinner to Good Fellas - a great fairly new restaurant close by - I was home and wondering what I would do with the rest of my evening.   I decided I would watch the Olympics while I cleaned up the studio and put stuff away.

I thought I would us the iPad to download the Olympics. HOWEVER after getting booted out of the APP STORE SEVERAL times - I decided to bypass the iPad and download to the tablet.

OK - so let's just say that watching curling is boring. Well very quiet!!!!   At first I am thinking - what has happened to the volume. I turn it way UP and then they start talking and scared me to death!!!!!!!!!

Watching the Olympics on the tablet

I am watching hockey this morning and sometimes the sound dies????   Perhaps that is just my issue. Anyway - something in the background to keep my mind occupied while my hands are busy!!!!!

Got most of the stuff put away from my trip and while I was doing that - I snapped a picture of all three of my completed knit log cabin blocks.  

Three blocks done - the fourth is started

I was complaining about how tight I bind off and Carol suggested I use a bigger needle to cast off. Just happened to have the next size up in bamboo (not that it would make a huge different in type of needle), but I am going to try that and see if it works.  I just wonder why I cast off so tight?????    Tension???  Thanks Carol for the suggestion!!!!!

Then I got really ambitious.  I am always bragging about my 2014 shelf, but someone mentioned a couple of weeks back that NOTHING is labelled and yes sometimes that is a problem because I can't find something. So.................   I got out some index cards that I had hanging around and VOILA!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL the projects/boxes are LABELLED  (I know - the index cards are orange - I am not sure why that happened!!)

My ULTIMATE goal would be to have EVERYTHING on that shelf, but there are a couple of baskets and boxes that need to be dealt with this year and right now they are on the floor.

The shelf WITH the baskets (the one in the middle is stuff that has to be delivered to customers), the blue one is the scrap basket to be sorted and the white one is stuff that has to be repaired or completed.
 And then there are THREE other laundry baskets.................

More projects that will get added to the shelf when there is room

More projects, but these are slated to go to the retreat with me NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this is my CURRENT CURRENT basket that I am taking to Monday Motivators

And this is what is left on the cutting table.  (Most of it is gone by now). 

So yes - there are a few things left on the work tables, but NOT much in the way of quilting. The snowmen decorations that my daughter was tired of seeing upstairs and they need to be put away. Some mail to go through, some knitting stuff to put away.  And let's not forget the paperwork that has to be dealt with!!!   But I am in good shape!!!!!!!!!!  

Got FOUR novels read over the two weeks I was away. It was a nice sunny day yesterday so I sat in the living room and finished the fourth book. A very nice way to spend the afternoon.

On that note - I am PUMPED to get something done today - already have ONE of my three critical things done. Got to get the rest of the week scheduled and I am ready to roll.   Can you believe - I keep looking for that weekly calendar by the computer so YES - I am already hooked on it and that means it is working!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I have purchased burlap by the yard at Len's Mill Store.