Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sit n sew!!!!

It was Pampered Sit n Sew today!!!!!!!!!!!     Well yesterday - depends on when you type the information!

We had a great time and the ladies got LOADS done!!!!!!!!!

Rose pulled out a project and I almost died!!!!!!!    It was a kit and I had made the same kit several years ago and was trying to make a couple of quilts from the scraps. Well - she gave me her scraps!!!!!!!!!    WHOOPPEEEEE!!!!    That means I don't have to scrimp and scrap to get the quilt that I want!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Rose!!!!!!
Scraps of flannel!!!!!!!!
Then she pulled out this project. Do you know what it is?????   Yep - that would be the gingerbread quilt!!!!!!!   Way to go Rose.  I might have better luck keeping up to you than to Lynn!!!!

Liz was busy working on a bargello that I taught a while ago (OK - we found a note in her file dated August 2010) but I don't think that referred to this project. My two are in the "to be quilted pile". At least the tops are done!!!

Anyway - she got her last three strata together and now to cut them up and form strips and sew them back together!!!!

Liz' strata - well one of them

Jan was cutting up a storm. She cut and cut and cut all day. She wasn't finished when she left, but she made a BIG dent in what needed to be cut!!!!!

Ruth worked on her block of the month which I will show you in another post. Pat was whipping through a bunch of half square triangles until she got a piece of thread jammed in the machine. Fortunately that happened close to the end of the day. Barrie was working on a jelly roll quilt which is going to be very nice when she gets it done!

Oh yes - they were very busy today.

Once they left - it was my turn. I got busy. Got the LAST of my five quilts DONE!!!!!!!    Yes - it is quilted and the binding is on!!!!!!!!

Last quilt!!!!!!!    

It was a bit of a marathon as I had a few other things to take care in addition to getting that silly quilt done.  Now I am going to have to have a binding party to get them all bound!!!!

As you read this - well of course that depends on when you read this, but early Saturday morning, I shall be jetting away from here. See my big camping/cycling bag is all packed and ready by the door.

But the big question - what is the destination?   Wouldn't you just love to go to the airport and look at the schedule and just hop on a plane. Yup - that would be fun!!

Well I just hope I get out of here before the BIG SNOW STORM hits. Good grief - what kind of a winter is this anyway. If it isn't snowing - it is freezing cold!!!!

On that note - I have ONE last thing to do and then it is off to bed.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Liz told me about the Flannel Rose Kit and I have the same one - yes, Elaine, if there are leftovers you can have them otherwise they go on the Flannel fabric bonfire! I can't believe that the three of us have this kit....what a riot! It really is gorgeous fabric and will be on it's way to my cousin in Florida once it's done!