Friday, January 31, 2014


OK - I don't know why this is such a revelation to me, but I LOVE dedicated sewing days.  Oh yes - I can sew all day by myself at home. Keep in mind, I sew in the basement so even on the sunniest of days - I am NOT enjoying the sun. And I am by myself which is fine, but gets boring pretty quickly!

Yesterday was sewing day at the church!   Oh I had such an AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!     So having Monday AND Thursday in the same week - well that is super day times TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were eleven of us yesterday and everyone was sewing up a storm. Tish was working on "chunk" of the month, Cathy and Nelda were working on Rosewood Cottage, Joy was working on Dear Jane, Lynn was cutting Farmer's Wife, Lynda was working on Circle of Life. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm    - all those were classes that I taught or am teaching.   Oooops - am I "creating" the need for those Thursdays?????    NOPE - because Maria worked on another one of her own creations to use up scraps, Linda was working on Border Creek, Donna was working on binding (I think) and Judy was working on scrap quilts. I was madly trimming and binding quilts.

And thanks Nelda for the goodies!!!!!!!!!!!    Oh yes - it was an awesome day. The sun was shining and it was nice and toasty warm in the room.    THANKS to everyone for the fabulous day.

Lynda brought in her bargello to show us. It is STUNNING!!!!!!
This is the quilt that Maria was working on last week. So bright and I love it. Look what she did with the borders because she didn't have enough fabric!!!!
And here is my stack of quilts - I think a binding party is going to be in order!!!!!

One more to go - the backing has the edges serged on, needs to be loaded, the two borders need to be put on the top and I have to piece the batting. And I want it to be done by tonight. Which normally isn't a problem, but I have Sit n Sew today!!!!!!!!!!!    So yes - it will have to be completed TONIGHT. No big deal - it will take a couple of hours.

Anyway - I am just so excited to actually see things getting done and the Monday and Thursday are helping ENORMOUSLY. The others are motivating ME!!!!

It is such a win win for everyone - people motivate me, I motivate them. We encourage each other - we make lists, we separate out the 2014 projects. I just LOVE all the stories of how everyone is slogging through their projects. Bring on those sewing days!!!!!!!!!     Mondays are pretty much FULL, but there is room if you want to get in on the Thursday sewing  day.   I think we are going to aim at the second and fourth Thursdays - once I get my schedule settled down.

The next one is February 27.   There are a couple of spots available - let me know if you want to sign up.

I an in a postcard exchange and got another one the other night at guild.

Post card. I MUST get working on mine, but I still have a couple of months!!!!

I was out the other day and BOUGHT A NEW BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it is a bit small to ride!!!!!!!!!!

I will have to share my bike collection with you some day!!!!!!!!!!!!  

On that note - I still have a few things to tidy up in preparation of the sit n sew day.   I am excited - it is going to be a fun day and I wonder how busy they are going to keep me?????

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   - No make that an AWESOME day - we are practically having a heat wave out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It is only MINUS ONE this morning.


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