Friday, January 24, 2014

Thursday Sewing!!!!!!!

I LOVE Mondays. It is a great day of dedicated sewing with great friends, a fabulous facility and well - what more could one ask for?    WELL - how about TWO days a week of dedicated sewing with more friends  - same fabulous facility!   Oh yes - we had our FIRST Thursday sewing. It was so much fun and we got loads done and we got a bonus ( a recipe) which I will tell you about in a bit.    If ANYONE is interested in joining us on a Thursday (NOT every Thursday - not YET)   - please let me know and I would be happy to pass on the details to you.

I picked up Linda on the way (she is generously sharing her car with her daughter!). We arrived and Maria was already there and getting set up. The church was abuzz as the minister, the secretary and the cleaning lady were there. Normally we are by ourselves.

And did I get anything done?????    OH YES!!!!!   I made TWO bindings and sewed one on the quilt. It has now been given to Linda to do the hand stitching. Thanks Linda. The second binding was for my Thangles quilt.

My thangles quilt DONE and moved from the 2014 shelf to the TO BE QUILTED pile!!!!!!!     YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was going to put a binding on another community projects quilt. It didn't come with a binding so I had grabbed some fabric of my own. When I went to make the binding - there was NOT enough fabric. Oh shoot - well no time to go home and get more or make the binding when I got home. I handed it back in WITHOUT binding. Someone else can make it and put it on. At least it is out of my house!!!!!!!   (And I did quilt it and trimmed it!)

Then what did I get done?????

How about assembling Kathie's quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!     Yes - this part of the top is DONE!!!!!    I am going to put a black border on it. Then make some binding and get it quilted!!!!!    Thanks for the push Claudette!!!!!
This is the batik fabric that is left which I have offered to Claudette (she is doing the EXACT same quilt and same colourway,) so she may be able to use this for sashing!!!

Since we are getting to the end of this project - what is still in the box?????

Some packs of Thangles which will likely be donated to someone once I get this project completed. Even though I don't need them any more.  
A partially completed block from Kathie.   A long complicated story, but when I got her project from her husband, it wasn't complete. Some blocks were missing. I happened to have extra fabric so I made the missing blocks. Then when he cleaned up her stuff - he found the missing blocks. 
Two blocks that Kathie had not done - but I made them for her from my stuff. So this will likely just go in my stash. 

Yeah - making progress and that is good, but it wasn't on my radar screen and I am still trying to get those other surprise projects done!!!!!    I did work on them after the Thangles and making decent progress. I should be done on time?????    I am actually binding the first of FIVE.

Oh yes - I did have ONE MORE Thangles project that I did with another store. Hmmmm - I wonder what state that project is in????   I dug it out - see this is the problem - it is NOT on the 2014 shelf, but wouldn't it be great to say that I am DONE DONE DONE with the Thangles proejcts?????   Well I dug it out and I will share it with you tomorrow. Yep - the blocks are done on that one too!!!!!!!!!!!!   I may just bite the bullet and get it done as well - THEN I can donate those Thangles!!!!    Tried them - not my thing.

At lunch, I was chatting with the secretary and she was eating this yummy smelling soup. What is that????   Turns out it was a very delicious Red Lentil soup. She offered the recipe and I took her up on it.

I looked at the ingredients and thought - I have everything at home (I know - who would have thought I would have apples, onions, sweet potatoes and carrots) , EXCEPT the red lentils. Bought the red lentils and an immersion blender. I have an attchement for my mixer that does the same thing, but I have wanted a stand alone one for a long time.

That soup went together FAST, the immersion blender made quick work of it and VOILA - I had the best soup ever!!!!!!!!

Red lentil soup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes - it appears that my child has tipped the scales. She has gone from a VERY BAD eater to a super healthy eater. It has taken me some time to switch gears, but I think I am on board. I think I could even become vegetarian!!!!!    But not because I don't want to eat meat - just too much hassle to cook!

And I have become the chopper of fruit..................

This is my BIG breakfast fruit bowl!!!!!!!!!!!     That lasts a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Thanks M for making us all that much healthier!!!!!!!!!   (Trust me - there was a time when the ONLY thing she would eat was hot dogs and KD. She wouldn't touch fruit or veggies no matter how I tried)

While I was at the grocery storing getting the immersion blender and some groceries, I happened to check out the other shelves and saw these organizing things. I still had not finished the drawer in the kitchen that I had tackled a week or so ago.   Hmmm - no measurements with me so I just looked and visualized and bought what I thought we needed. Got home and VOILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I did pretty good with sizes and quantities!!!!!!!!!!!

And I emptied the ugly black thing that was filled with pens and such on the counter. Now we need to go through those pens and pencils and get rid of what does't work. But at least, they are neatly tucked away. Have to remember to test them out next time I am on the phone - or listening to an audio book. 

On that note - I have another crazy day today!!!!!     Knitting club (and I need this - I found some AMAZING kits that I bought and I need a hand holding session to get me back in the saddle), quilts for customers that need to be done, class prep for tomorrow. Oh yes - it is going to be a long day.

Oh - I almost forgot - here is what some of the others were working on yesterday............  

Maria (who I am so excited to say) got inspiration from my blog about cleaning up her scraps. She has been busy cutting and sorting and well - she came prepared to make this quilt of HER own design.   It is very simple (the best ones are). I just LOVE the colours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria's SCRAP quilt

Tish was working on Bonnie Hunter Celtic Solstice mystery. She is using the Inklingo method of sewing and cutting. It is hard to see in the picture, but those lines are PRINTED on with her printer. Then she sews and cuts - no marking. Pretty smart!!!!  

Donna was quilting a quilt, Lynn was working on Farmer's Wife, Lynda was working on Circle of Life, Cathy was working on Rosewood Cottage and Linda was working on a pattern by Border Creek Station.  Oh yes - It was a super super day!!!!!     Thanks to all the ladies who came and YES - you must try that soup - it really is fast and easy.

OK - now I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Didn't see a link to the soup recipe or is it just a 'bottom of the fridge soup' where you throw in what you have. I have a bean soup which I will email to you. Makes an enormous pot so lots for the freezer.