Thursday, January 9, 2014


It is time for CHANGE and change is GOOD!!!!!!!!!!    I know - I am NOT fond of change, but when it is for the better - then I am in!!!!!   Actually as much as I like routine - I LIKE CHANGE simply because it keeps my mind on edge!

In this case - you know that I finally bit the bullet and ordered that upgrade for my long -arm. And it arrived on New Year's Eve. Well it got installed the other day!    Big THANKS to Berke for helping (and M for helping a bit!!!)

The machine before we did anything

The wheel system has been a BIG problem forever. The wheels run on an aluminum rail and if the wheels aren't just right - they can create drag. If the width of the two rails changes (bolts loosen), then the rail gets wider or narrower at the joins and that can throw the smoothness of the machine way off. Anyway - WHEELS BAD - NEW SYSTEM (called Bliss) - GOOD!!!!

We have removed two of the long rollers and now taking the sewing head off

It's off and Berke - oh yes - strong enough to deal with it on his own. I'm saying BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!

Over here - Bring it over here!!!!

Ah - safe on the floor

Hi - My name is Sammy!!!!!    I'm making sure they do it right!!!!!!!

Read more of the VERY detailed instructions

Hi my name is Sparky. I'll just supervise from up here!!!!

Off with the OLD track system

Off with the old plastic table

Old table goes on the floor

We had to replace the rails - the one on the left is the new one - the one on the right is the old one. 

Put the new wheels on the sewing head (Hey M - good job holding!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's pull up those pants!!!!!!!

Sewing head back on - and replacing the rollers. Berke is on one end of the 14 foot long rollers (they are quite heavy)

I'm on the other end of the roller

Two hours (more or less) and we were done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is VERY difficult to see in this picture, but there is only one tiny contact between the sewing head and the railing. Can you see it is pretty much in the center of the photo. I believe there are four small points of contact on the other side of the machine. HUGE HUGE difference. The machine was actually moving on ITS OWN!!!!!!     The table might not be perfectly level - still have to do that. 

BUT - new learning experience. Have to RELEARN how to use the machine. So I threw some scrap fabric on the machine and gave it a whirl.

Practicing feathers!!!!!!!

Yes - I think I got the hang of it and got the cords all fixed up. Ready to ACTUALLY QUILT A QUILT TODAY. Can't wait to give it a whirl!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if that wasn't enough excitement - I got NEW LIGHTS installed in the studio!!!!!    Yes yesterday was a chaotic day - I had embroidery club in the morning. As soon as they left, I had a couple people over for a private lesson and while they were here - the electricians came!!!!!! It was crazy!!!!!!!!  

New lights to brighten up the dark bulk head area!!!!!!!!!!

The only problem - the rest of the studio looks dim!    Actually it is AWESOME!!!!!!!  

Well on that note - I have to get to work today.

Have a fabulous day!!!!!!!!!!!


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