Thursday, January 16, 2014

From TRASH to TREASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I debated whether to title this post OVERWHELMED!  While I have my lists and I have my deadlines - and I have been working. Pretty diligently - I think I am diligently working!

Anyway - I did manage to sort of get on top of things yesterday - sort of!

It was embroidery club and I was debating what should I work on? Well - why not start with something that is almost complete so I will be able to finish it. So that is what I did. I dug out the LAST border of Rosewood Cottage. This was a $10 quilt in 2008 and I am teaching it again this year and my students keep saying that they want me to finish this year with them.

Last piece of the appliqued border of Rosewood Cottage - working on embroidery - button hold stitch around the applique shapes

The borders and the rest of the quilt - waiting...................

So that was good to finally say - YES - I will get this done. A couple more hours and it should be complete. Then it shouldn't take long to put that last section on the quilt - add a final border around the appliqued border and I will be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we were chatting in embroidery club - the subject turned to Value Village. One of my favourite places to search out stuff. I had a couple of errands to do and I thought - "hey - I will be passing by a Value Village - I should go in".   Off I went - and got a couple of errands done. Hmmmm - should I go to Value Village - I really should be home working. Oh - it will just take a few minutes. I finally convinced myself to stop. And I am SO GLAD I DID.   Look at what I found...................

An Illustration Showcase - TOME!!!!!   (the thing weighs at LEAST FIVE POUNDS and is over TWO INCHES thick. 
What is inside??????

FABULOUS IMAGES for collage!!!!!!!!!!!!

More samples of the images!!!!!!!!!

I was so excited when I found it!!!!!    OH MY GOD - TISH - I got a book that stands up to your treasure!!!!!      Thanks for the tip - I would NEVER have thought of using this kind of book!!!!

I quickly perused the rest of my favourite sections in the stores, but did not find anything!  I was so excited - I barely glanced at anything else.

Then finally home to get some work done. I had completely forgotten about the Mystery Quilt that I designed and while I had designed it - I still had to write up the clues. I got one done and the second one needs to be proofed. So that was good. OK - so the scales that have been weighing on my shoulders and OVERWHELMING me are getting slightly lighter!

I have a block that is LONG OVERDUE for someone. I PROMISED the block to her for this morning. And when did I start to work on it? Yep - this morning. I really had an issue with this block. I have NO IDEA why???    Can anyone tell me why this happens?????    Anyway - I had to resize the pattern and figure out one spot. And I just did NOT want to do all that. I am happy to report that I just sucked it up this morning and resized the pattern. Got the background done and most of the shapes are cut - just two more to go. Then some embellishment and it will be done. However it will NOT be done before she leaves this morning. SO -------------   I will have to drop it off.   And so another small weight is being lifted.

I looked at my list that I created at the beginning of the year. There are TWENTY-FIVE things on that list that I have committed to do for someone or that I want to do for someone. TWENTY-FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I am working on THREE this month and making good progress. I do not see why those three won't get done. One of the items morphed into FIVE things so technically the three is actually eight. There is ONE more that I would love to do, but I don't think I have the time.

I know - take it one day at a time!!!!!!!    

Anita - this is for YOU!!!!!!!!      Yep - this describes me to a T.

It appears that when I am home, I average about 40 flights of stairs in a day. FORTY!!!   I attribute most of that to Sparky. Well Sammy too. First they want out. Then they bark because they want in. Oh no - we don't want in - we just wanted to say HI. Then Sammy wants in, ooops - Sparky does not want in yet. Then five minutes later Sparky wants in. And each time - I am in the basement and have to run upstairs to the back door!!!!   I bet in the summer when we leave the door open that my stair  climbing decreases a lot!!!!!!!!!

Look at my previous BAD dog did.

YES - that would be an afghan that I lovingly knitted that he decided would be something good to chew on!!!!!!!!!!!!!     BAD BAD BAD DOGGIE!!!!!!!

Yesterday I was at Chapter's and read an article in a magazine about a lady who got bored of blogging and how she got back into it. It became a chore. Then Rod mentioned something in an e-mail about finding material to write about. Hmmmm - I seem to have NO PROBLEM with either!  

I see I have yet ANOTHER book to download to my iPod. I guess I had better start "reading" those books. Well this is the last one so NO SYNCING until the books are read!!!   But I am getting the hang of it and can download the books very quickly. Yeah me!!!!

On that note - I had best get back to work on that block!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. So, you have been thinking about my comment!!!
    Today's blog reminds of the Chinese Proverb,
    "Be not afraid of going slowly;
    be only afraid of standing still."
    (i.e. not still on a bike,lol !)