Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Who is this?????????????

I posted the story of the finished knitted cowl the other day. No big deal. The next day I got a strange e-mail. I did not recognize the sender and there was a picture attached. Normally I would NEVER open an attachment from an unknown sender. HOWEVER, the subject line indicated that this person knew ME and knew me a LONG time ago because my full name was in the subject line - not the name I use today, but my MAIDEN name. OK - it has been YEARS since I went by that name.

Intrigued, I opened the picture and almost died!!!!!!!!!!!      Let me back track a bit first.

Remember I said that I used to knit a lot?  I do have an obsessive characteristic - let's just state the facts as they are!!!!   That is partially why I don't watch TV any more - I can't control myself and how much I watch - so don't watch any!!!!   (just got to figure out how to deal with the sugar thing!)

Here is a picture of me knitting (I think I already posted this picture)
Yes - that is ME  - a long time ago. There was a bunch of us (in Katimavik) and we were all away from home for a very long time. The girls all had a little dog or other stuffed animal as a mascot!!!    Anyway - I believe I am knitting a pair of slippers with Phentex!!!!    Remember that????   And see - I wore scarves way back then!!!!!!

Well - I knit all kinds of things (not mitts and socks) - but lots of sweaters and that bedspread and afghans.

This is one of my early creations. I wore that sweater everywhere - even in WINTER as a coat and the sweater wasn't that warm!!!!    But it had a pocket in front for your hands. Anyway - I LOVED that sweater. 

I had a basket of knitted sweaters in my closet. There was a LOT of work in those sweaters and I never had the heart to throw them out.

So I dug them out the other day. I was going to post them so you could see that in fact I have knit other things than my cowl!

Knitted sweater - by ME

Another sweater - knitted by ME. This matched my SKI SUIT. Yes - I used to ski - NOT very well mind you. And the last time I skied involved a blind date, being unable to put my ski back on - the blind date was an expert skier and obviously not very sympathetic since we just had one date!!!!!!!

Even has a matching hat!!!!!!!

Well after M saw the basket - she wanted to know what it was.   So I told her and she asked if she could have one of them. Turns out she was already WEARING the sweater that day (when I wasn't home)

You know - that sweater has been in the closet forever - someone might as well wear it and it fits her perfectly!!!!    Sleeves the right length and look how even that pattern is!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Oh yes - I could knit!!!!

M with her new sweater!

Since this style of sweater is coming back in style - perhaps I should wear the other one. I haven't tried it on, but I bet it still fits.

OK - so you want to know what the picture was that I received??????

HEY - ANOTHER sweater that I made - MANY MANY MANY years ago. I did NOT recognize the wearer of the sweater and I have to say that I did NOT recognize the sweater. 

THE sweater!!!!

I answered the e-mail and asked "who is this??????"     Well I was in for a SHOCK!!!!!    I got an e-mail back from someone that I DID recognize. An old boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Rod - can you believe that!!!!!

Now I bet you are wondering how he tracked me down. When I knew him he was a reporter for the local newspaper. He was/is also a photographer. He still writes today and last year was working on a story about a fibre artist who was coming to a local (to him) gallery. He did some searching on the internet for quilting - came across A Needle Pulling Thread (which I write for). Somehow (and I am not sure how) - he hooked up the current ME with the ME that he knew.   I guess he has been following my blog and when I posted the cowl story - he sent me the picture!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe the sweater is still in good condition!!!!!   Must be that acrylic yarn!!!!  

Isn't that just the wildest story!!!!!!!   I think it is hilarious!!!!!    Just goes to show you that you can run - but you can't hide!!!!!

And wasn't he just the cutest!!!!!!

Rod at the bee keeper house - the prize winning bee keeper

And yes - I still have something that he gave me!
A book on wildflowers!

Well enough with the blast from the past.

I made it up to Hobby Horse yesterday - their first day back after the storm. At last I could get the fabric I needed to finish that Northern Lights quilt that I need for THIS weekend.

And the borders are ON the quilt. It took me all afternoon to put them on - all four of them. I had to start with that skinny dark brown border, then the next three borders. Now I could have put the first two borders on before I got the missing fabric, but if I had - then something would have happened and I would have had to rejig something. So I am glad that I waited and I sized the border for how I am going to quilt it. Yes - I was hoping to get the backing done and have it loaded yesterday, but I just couldn't wrap my head around that. 

Besides - the sun was out yesterday and I was out several times trying to chip the ice off the driveway. And I got it done!!!!!!!!!!!    Yeah - some of that ice was THICK!!!!!

I also bought backing for THREE quilts at the Hobby Horse. I had ordered the backing from somewhere else, but they weren't' sure when the order was coming in and the order that I placed before Christmas got lost. So I bought the backing at Hobby Horse. Guess who called me in the afternoon???? Yep - the order has come in!!!!   Oh well - now I have to make some quilts to fit the extra backings!!!

On that note - I have loads of work to do today but first we have embroidery club!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!


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