Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rosewood Cottage Reveal

Yep - I am BEHIND yet again. This is the show n tell from DECEMBER.   Oh boy - better make better TO DO lists!

As usual, the ladies brought in some amazing NON Rosewood Cottage show n tell - have a look...........

Tish had this GORGEOUS old look Santa. It is a panel and I believe the sides were parts of another panel. I just LOVE it. Good thing I haven't seen this locally!!!!
Another quilt done with the smaller panels and a nice wide border.   Very cool - awesome job Tish!!!!!

Someone (I don't remember) was  making some beautiful table runners with decorator fabric

Celia was making SNAP bags for her Christmas bazaars

Cathy was making PAPER DOLLS. These were printed on fabric and are so cute!!!!
Nelda started this pillow in embroidery club and it is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!
I have forgotten who this belongs to, but it was the result of our Marti Michell class last year. This was one of the patterns. I JUST love the layout and the colour!!!!!     Excellent job!!!!!!!!!!!

Because this event happened just before Christmas - we had goodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tish made cookies with these little quilt squares on them!!!!!     They were beautiful!    Thanks so much Tish - they were much appreciated!
Detail of design on cookie - (and they were delicious as well!)

And we had another plate of goodies - thanks to whoever brought those in!

And Nelda and Cathy brought me a PEPPERMINT hot chocolate!!!

And now the show n tell.................




 OK - so it seems that I had a moment with the blocks - first I can't read my writing!  And second - I have more names than pictures. So................   let's just enjoy this homework and TODAY when I take pictures of the homework, I will post them tomorrow so I won't get mixed up!!!!









Wow - some beautiful work!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Awesome job everyone.

And as I said - I will be posting TODAY'S homework much sooner!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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