Thursday, January 23, 2014

Baby it's cold out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK - what is with this cold weather?   I don't ever remember it being this cold for this long. BUT if you are dressed for it - it really isn't a big deal. Sometimes I think the media plays it up so much that you think it is FRIGID out and then it isn't so bad. Trying to psych us out????

Anyway - I went out for a walk with the dogs this morning and I was bundled up in my Tiley hat and POP BOTTLE coat and I was fine.   My thighs did get a bit cold but we were just fine.

Jacket made from recycled materials

Hmmm - I just searched the internet and COULD NOT find this jacket, nor could I find too much info about recycled jackets made form pop bottles. But I did find a link on Patagonia web site about using recycled materials. I LOVE their stuff. The articles below talk mostly about making athletic wear from the recycled materials, but this jacket is FURRY!!!!!    And very soft.

Polyester made from recycled materials.

Another article about clothing made from recycled materials

And yet another article

Well - the jacket is VERY WARM and with the hood up - no wind is going to get to you!   My only beef about the jacket - the pockets are in the SIDE SEAMS - just like the gray fleece jacket that I recently purchased.   HEY - put the pockets in the front!!!!    Way more usable, but probably MORE costly to manufacture so the pockets go in the side seams. On pants - that is OK, but on a jacket - it isn't comfortable and from the back - looks hideous if you have your hands in your pocket.

I will be riding in The Ride to Conquer Cancer again this year. I am in great shape because I have raised the minimum amount of money required to participate which is nice to know that that is out of the way. (A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who donated!!!) After FIVE years of riding, you qualify for your GOLDEN HELMET.   I wasn't able to pick mine up at the event this past summer, but I got it this past week.   YEAH - GOLDEN HELMET!!!!!!!!!!!

My golden helmet - for riding in The Ride to Conquer Cancer for five years!!!!

I LOVE embroidery club. We sit around and chat about EVERYTHING!!!!!!    And I have to say that I LEARN SO MUCH from the others. Not necessarily about embroidery, but about everything else!!!!!    Thanks ladies!!!!  

After they left, I got busy and worked on the long arm.

Customer quilt

Customer quilt (done the day before)
 Started to listen to a NOVEL on my iPod. Oh boy - that could become addictive!!!!!    But I have to be careful what I am doing - can't be noisy or need to much brain power!!!!     Loading a quilt on the machine is perfect. And I had to get my kid to show me how to find the spot where you can advance or go back. DUH - when in doubt - TOUCH the screen everywhere!!!!    How did those kids get to be so smart with all this technology????

And here is my wildlife shot of the day!!!!     That cardinal is getting pretty cheeky!!!!    But he was WATCHING ME!!!!!!

On that note - I have a second post to get ready this morning and it is THURSDAY sewing day. I am so excited. I have the ENTIRE day to just sew with friends!   Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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