Saturday, January 25, 2014

A UFO DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes - I finished a UFO yesterday. OK - so it wasn't a quilting UFO, but it was a UFO.

It was knitting group yesterday morning. I am IN LOVE with groups. Groups where I can go and work on  my OWN thing and get access to an expert should I need that (and I need a lot of that right now in the knitting area).

So what did I finish????   I started a pair of leggings for M - well several years ago. They were finished EXCEPT for the cast off. I had cast off one pair and the other was at the end, but I did NOT like the cast off. Not stretchy enough. Yesterday I learned a GRAFTING technique for casting off that was pretty slick!!!

The FINISHED leg warmers

The CAST OFF edge. I am so impressed with  myself. It isn't perfect (the ladies were chatting up such a storm - it was hard for me to concentrate on that method!!) 

The left over bits - chopped up

And in the ball ready for the birds in spring

The verdict - they fit!!!!!!

Nice and warm!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really cannot thank Ruthi enough for hosting this group. The money I paid for the group has already paid for itself. I have met lots of new people, learned TWO new techniques and while I may not remember how to do them, I know there are MUCH better ways of doing things.

Now Nancy told me that she had joined the knitting group because she had 2 tubs of yarn that had to get used up. Well - she now has FOUR tubs. I hope that doesn't happen to me, although I have to say that I have found SEVERAL kits for cute sweaters, shrugs and such that I have purchased. I must stay focused.

I told M that she would  NOT be getting another knitted item for a bit as I have NOTHING else started. Well no CLOTHING items. I do have something else started (And that is Tish's fault!!!). I will dig that out and show you. I seem to have misplaced the pattern, so I must find that.

BUT I did a BAD thing - a REALLY BAD thing.   My next project is a toque. (Just wait until you see it) and I needed some needles. I originally bought double pointed. Well according to Susannah - you only knit the POINT with the double pointed. EVERYONE knits with circulars for as much as they can. Really?????   I was just talking to my aunt about knitting needles the other day. Well I was in the store a LONG time researching needles and - well - I just could NOT help myself..................

Yep - I bought this SET of circular needles
I believe there are TEN sets of needles and three different length of cord.  You could get LONG tips (these are long), you could get short tips, you could get bamboo tips and lace tips. ACK!!!!!!!    Too many choices - I think I went for the most practical since they aren't cheap. BUT cheaper than if you had to buy them all separately. 

However I still had to buy another needle for the toque. The size of tip I needed is NOT in this set. It wasn't in any of the sets.

Then I did another BAD thing.

I fell in love with this book.
There are some adorable patterns in here - I couldn't help myself. 

And via cell phone pix - I picked out this yarn for a sweater for M.   It is Madeline Tosh - no less. Supposed to be the bee' s knees of knitting yarn. Oh la la!!!!!

Finally made it back home and got busy with the quilting machine.

Another customer quilt - DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember yesterday we talked about the Thangles - well I dug out that other project.

Here are the finished blocks
Here is the fabric used. One thing I have learned - NEVER put these two kinds of fabrics together. If the main colour has black - the neutral should NEVER have black. If the main colour has red - the neutral should NEVER have red. It bleeds.  Lesson learned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Bottom line - TWO busy prints together - BAD news. 

I think I will frame the blocks with solid black?  White?????   I don't really want to  introduce another colour, although I could.

And what else was in the box????

More Thangles. 

Scraps from the blocks

The patterns

And this layout as a way of finishing it off??????

At one of our classes this past week, Nancy brought in this Thangles quilt that she had done somewhere. Looks like a different set than either of the two blocks I have done.    It is just half square triangles and many different ways to lay them out.

Lots of ideas for half square triangle layouts if you want to copy those!!!

Whew!!!!!     I was in such a tizzy yesterday. There was so much exciting stuff that I was having trouble concentrating and focusing.   Oh yes - I had to make photocopies and I usually go to Staples, but it isn't close by. When I was at Ruti's, I remembered there is a UPS store near Ruti's. I popped in and they did the copies for me. Charged me slightly more than Staples because of my quantity, but on Tuesday - it is FOUR CENTS a copy for black and white. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I get to support (ever so slightly) another local store.

And my audio book is so EXCITING - I think I am going to throw the head phones on while I sew today and see how that goes.

I did lots of prep for my two classes today, but the weather is pretty bad so we have cancelled them. YEAH - I get the day to MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

On that note - I had better get busy if I want to accomplish anything.

Have an AWESOME AWESOME day!!!!!!!


(PS - I will post that recipe for the red lentil soup)


  1. Love your leg warmerrs! I have been thinking of starting a pair for myself, too! Great block projects too!

  2. Wow - are you ever a busy person. i love tutorials, so will be spending some time on your site. If you are into knitting, there is a Yahoo group called holidaymysterygifts that you might like. They have all sorts of neat small projects, and will be starting a Knit-along on socks next Saturday (Feb 1). i have never knit in the round, so will try to keep up and see where it goes.

    Happy quilting (and knitting)

  3. They must have had many Buck-A-Block patterns because I have done a couple and mine don't look anything like the ones you pictured here. Thangles are my method of choice for making HSTs.