Tuesday, January 7, 2014

That DAMN agenda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the weather is certainly a HOT topic these days. What is happening??   There is a deep freeze across the entire country - well a good part of it. My parents live in Saskatchewan and if we think it is cold HERE - think again. It has been EVEN COLDER there, although I see it is warming up slightly.  

Temperature before going to bed last night

Temperature this morning

The cold weather did NOT prevent my girls from wanting to go for a walk this morning. So out we went. I bundled up and we went out for about 25 minutes. My dogs are just stupid - they were having FUN!!!!!!    Actually it wasn't too bad - OK - I have a short jacket and my legs were getting a tad COLD. But we survived - and YES we were protected by the forest. Would NOT want to be standing out in the open waiting for a bus. That is where I'd be cozying up to ANYBODY in the shelter just to stay warm!!!   Good thing (for the others) that I don't take the bus!!!

Due to the snow and the freezing rain and the cold, we had a VERY small group at Monday Motivators.

There were FOUR of us. Wecrowded around two tables.  No iron, no cutting table!!!    Easy clean up and we all stayed until 3 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say that we had a GREAT day. It was quiet, but we got a chance to catch up with each other. We got to know each other a bit better and we just had a great time with lots of laughs!!!!!     We arrived and the parking lot was NOT plowed. Oh dear and I didn't think I was going to make it in the first entrance so went around to the other side and made it in. Haphazardly parked the car. Then around lunch time, the plow came and cleared one side of the parking lot so we all moved our cars and then he cleared the other side. No problem with my all season tires I might add!!!!   I was afraid that I wouldn't get in the first entrance because my car has low clearance!!!!

Elaine S has purchased a Canadian Girl doll for her grand daughter for her 6th birthday. And she bought an outfit for the doll.

An Olympic outfit - so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I think it is actually a Canadian outfit - but I am calling it an Olympic outfit!!!!

But Elaine is the craftiest grandma (well she is tied with Margo) and made this outfit yesterday.   She did the embroidery before she came and had it all cut out - but she was basically making it up (the how to) as she went along.

Elaine's outfit she made for the Canadian Girl doll. We were all impressed at her skills and although it took all day - the outfit is adorable (I want an outfit even though I don't have a doll - they are just CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!)

 And it appears that the doll DID arrive yesterday because here she is modeling the outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome job Elaine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Your grand daughter is going to be thrilled. 

Never mind that Elaine still has a few more outfits to go!!!!!!    Better get sewing Grandma!!!!!!!!!!

I did a lot of crappy little jobs. I had THREE bags that I wanted to repair. - Mostly to replace the handles because they are too long. So I ripped those apart and got them ready to resew together.

Bag one (yes it is a purchased bag, but the side seam was badly sewn so now it is ready to be resewn together so I can use it. 
Bag Two - the handles are off and will be shortened - then put back on.  Well in the picture the handles are still on, but they are NOW off and ready to be shortened and put back on. 
Bag Three - the handles are gone and NEW ones are going on this bag - much shorter handles. 

You see - I CANNOT carry a bag on my shoulder. So I need to carry it in my hand and these bags would drag on the ground. So they must be shortened. They have been sitting for several years waiting to be repaired, but 2014 is the year to get all those silly little jobs done!!!!!!!!!!!!    And I am getting excited about that.

Then got to work on some gifts. That seems to be another theme of this year. So much stuff has been promised to people and NOT got done. I would LOVE to get that all cleared up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I got home from Monday Motivators, I attempted to shovel the driveway, but there is so much ice under the snow - what was the point. So I left it,. Looks awful!!!!!!!!!!!!   You would think we are slobs!  Anyway - the temperature is going up to 5 on Saturday - I will go and clean it out then. In the meantime - well we just have to be careful!!!!

After that - I still had on my agenda that I needed to quilt a quilt. ICK - I so did not want to to it. Even though it was already loaded. BUT I looked at the schedule for the rest of the week and DID NOT want to give up time in the rest of the week to do this quilt so I sucked it up, had a cup of tea and got to work. And one more quilt - BITES the dust!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Another community projects quilt (for Monday Motivators) - DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!    I trimmed it this morning and have to find something to make the binding. 

I thought I might as well get the next one prepared so dug it out - pieced the batting (it is another MM community project one) and when I was measuring the top - look what I found...............

A pin SEWN into the top!!!!!!    It is already fixed and ready to be pressed and loaded in a matter of minutes!!!!!!!

Here is the wildlife photo of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Cardinal!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I have stuff planned for the day and I had better get started with it.

Have a great day (stay warm)


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