Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Books are ADDICTIVE.......................

It is still pretty icy out there!!!    Went for a walk in the forest this morning and yes - it was not fun!  And I'm slowly chipping away at the ice in the driveway. I see it was above zero last night and even more ice melted over night. I will be out there chipping away again. I doubt I will get it all out today and then the temperature is going to drop below zero. But some of that ice is over 2 inches thick in the driveway!!!   Yikes - that is what happens when we didn't get a chance to shovel!!!!    At least more than half is clear!

Back to a FULL house yesterday at Monday Motivators. While we had fun last week with just four - it was great to see everyone back yesterday!!!!!!   And Jackie was there for the usual Tim's run!!!!    Jackie - we so miss you when you are not there!!!!!!!!!!

There was lots of stuff going on, and I did get a few pictures.

These are some aprons that Margo made. I didn't open them up, but each had a pocket with those little over mitts (those one that fit on your finger tips!) . So cute!!!!!!!!!!
Another apron with the matching little oven mitts!

The recipient of this apron is too little to have oven mitts. Very cute and Margo even matched the print at the neck as best she could!

Oh yes - we got some great grandmas in our group!!!!!     Doll clothes - aprons - the grandchildren are well outfitted!    Can you imagine if a grandchild had TWO creative grandmas like Margo and Elaine?????   I could see GRANDMA WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!    (madly competing to OUTDO each other).  But the chance of that happening is pretty rare!

Remember when Lynn pulled out her gingerbread applique (which got me working on my gingerbread applique).   Well - Lynn is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    (I still have four blocks to applique)

Gingerbread quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!    The top is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Way to go Lynn - I will continue to work on mine - just got other stuff happening right now. 

The big problem with the gingerbread quilt - I did NOT like the original setting (which is the one above) and I was going to do something else. But now that I see it completed - I don't mind it!!!!   I'll play with mine before I put it together.

I took my sewing machine yesterday and got a binding done.

Binding made

The quilt is trimmed - I have THREE quilts to sew binding on. Three to trim.

I started to work on the second version of Northern Lights. And there is a HUGE difference in the colourways of the two quilts. I'll show you later - it is going to pop your eyes out!

When I got home from MM - I did a BAD thing. I had started another novel on Sunday. I could NOT stop myself from reading it. Oh my god - where do these authors come up with these corrupted ideas??????    Phillip Margolin (again a fairly NEW TO ME author, even though this book was written in 1993).   I have less than 100 pages to read and I SHOULD NOT be reading today, but a chapter or two won't hurt????

On that note - I had better get something done today (besides finishing that book)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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