Saturday, January 18, 2014

Oh boy!

Good thing I down sized my expectations of what I was going to do yesterday!!!!     I did get the quilt top done - WAIT A MINUTE - I DID NOT get the quilt top. And why????   I RAN OUT OF FABRIC!!!!!!!!

That is so funny considering what I wrote yesterday about the excess amounts in that pattern. Well the problem was that I used one of the fabrics is more than one spot and I had only purchased enough for what was called for. It is MY OWN FAULT!!!!!!!!!!    However I am going to take the partially completed top to the show n tell this morning. Then I will get more fabric, finish the top and get it back to the store. I will show you tomorrow what it looks like. It is BRIGHT!!!!!!

Colour way of second version of the quilt

But it took all day!!!!!!!   And I worked pretty diligently. However I had another one of those crazy spells. I am sewing away and then CRASH. My body just gave out - I was exhausted, I needed a nap. And I slept for THREE HOURS. That is totally bizarre. Did some research on the internet - what do you search for????   I tried Sudden Extreme Fatigue. And did I mention that I hate searching the internet for health information on the internet. Half the sites are advertisements and then has NOTHING to do with the topic you are searching for.   GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Anyway - this could be a symptom of menopause??????    Really?????   I really hate when things are blamed on menopause!  I am going to start tracking when this occurs, and then I guess I will have to visit the doctor.

However as I was sewing away, I decided that I needed to finish the book that I was reading (listening to on CD).

Ooops - stole that image from Amazon!!!!

This book will blow your socks off!!!!!   They talk about all kinds of studies and this and that, but the part that is mind blowing  is how stores use the data they collect. There is a story about Target and how Target used their data that they had collected from their own Target Credit Card, loyalty card (I think that was it) and other information that they had purchased from other data collectors.    They have a BIG TEAM of statisticians who do NOTHING but massage the data.

It appears that the BEST customer in the world is the pregnant woman. Not only does she buy a lot of stuff, but as a harried new mother - she will buy more in ONE STOP SHOPPING. Makes sense.

Well it appears that Target massaged their data to the point that they were able to find out which customers were pregnant BEFORE they told anyone. I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I won't give away all the juicy stuff, but it is pretty amazing - they analyzed trends and then were able to target customers with specific coupons.

They talk about why the grocery store is laid out the way it is. We all know that the packaged stuff is in the center, but why is the produce section where it is?????  I just love all this stuff.

We all know that the marketers are messing with our minds, but MAKING US LIKE a specific song even when it started off as a flop?????    Seriously?????   YEP - the marketers figured out how to do that.

The same way that we NEED to buy new furniture, have a NEW feature colour each year. It is all driven by MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I am almost done the book and can't wait to finish it. Wow - mind blowing stuff.

I guess the thing that shocks me the most is HOW MUCH we are manipulated and we have NO IDEA. Oh yes - we have a basic idea, but NO - we HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH we are being manipulated. The food we buy, the TV we watch, EVERYTHING is manipulated!!!!!

On that note - I am going to hibernate in my studio all day to avoid being influenced by anything. (No - I can't do that)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. That sounds like a great book. I'm going to Indigo later on and I'm going to check it out. Some guy at work would never use an Airmiles card at the liquor store or get a Petro points cars either. He didn't think it was anyone's business what he bought, especially at the liquor store or how much. Anyway, I asked my hubby if anyone actually looked at your purchases and he said yes, that marketing reps always looked at buying patterns and such. I thought who has the time and who really cares but apparently stores do and that's why all these loyalty cards. I just use them for the deals and discounts. Now when you talk about manufactures changing the colours of stuff every year, just think about quilting fabrics. If it's not a solid or a staple colour, the companies are forever coming out with new lines and must have fabrics. Like all the ones in our stash are junk and we, as consumers, just have to go out and buy the latest fabric because of the new colours or designs. Anyway, I guess I could never be a marketing rep because I like what I've got and I don't really need any more fabric or household stuff for that matter. Now off I go to Indigo to see if they have that book.

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot one thing, If you buy some of this new fabric and have it in your stash for a couple of years and run out, good luck getting more because the company has already has discontinued it.

  3. Check out this article for manipulating.

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