Friday, January 3, 2014

It is ALL LINDA`S FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get up this morning and I know it is cold. But when I looked at the thermometer I almost died.

Yikes - THAT IS COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I went to spin class  anyway. Hey - fat cells on my body don`t care about the cold!!!   Actually there were a fair number of people in the class, but the gym itself??????   You could have shot off a cannon and not hit anyone!!!!!   And on the way home I had to put gas in the car. ICK!!!!   I knew that was coming, but I was trying to avoid it, but when the little yellow light comes on - well it is best to fill 'er up!!!!!!!!    No problems with the car starting!  Yeah!!!!

Thanks to Helen Anne and Tish who suggested I WHIP the cord to get nice ends for those projects I was working on. WHIP THE CORD?????    What the heck is that????    Well I googled it and found a document with about 5 different methods. I choose what I thought would be the easiest and VOILA!!!!!!!!!!!

Whipped cords!!!!!!!!    I know you are supposed to cut the cord CLOSE to the wrappings, but I am NOT that brave!!!!!    So the end is glued and then whipped. I like it and I learned a new skill!!!!!      Thanks Helen Anne and Tish!!!!!!

We all have friends - right? Well when does a friend become NOT a friend!  You see - I went to Sew Sisters yesterday morning. I went to drop off a calendar for Linda that she couldn't find and I was able to get. We were supposed to meet before Christmas, but the weather did NOT cooperate. She was at the Thursday sewing day and I needed something from Sew Sisters - so why not.

I bundled myself into the car and off I went. Had a great chat with Linda - we caught up on all kinds of stuff. BUT I am mad at her. She has thrown my well thought out plans for 2014 INTO THE TOILET!!!!!!!!!!!   I asked her to show me what she was working on (as an ender/leader) project and she showed me. OH MY - I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Then she showed me the book that the project came from.

Very interesting book

So I had to buy the book (and I want to make every project in the book) and while perusing the other books, I saw this one and had to buy it as well.

I love anything by Yoko Saito
That DARN LINDA!!!!!!!!!!!!

However we were chatting about Bonnie Hunter mysteries and Linda had worked on East Street last year and has some of her blocks together. So we had a BIG discussion about that. There is one element of that quilt that I am not certain that I like.

Let's have a look at some completed Easy Street quilts (I just googled pictures of the quilt to find examples of what I wanted)

OK - did you notice something in the first three that was COMPLETELY different in the bottom two?????

Almost looks like a DIFFERENT quilt. I really like the look of the HEAVY sashing that shows in the bottom two pictures. I used the colouring outlined by Bonnie and this is what I ended up with.
These four patch blocks make up that sashing. And I think I am going to HATE it when it is pieced. 

But after talking to Linda - (she may save me after all). She bought the rest of that white chicken wire fabric. SO - If I talk nicely to her, I might be able to get a meter of it (well 42 inches) and then I can remake these four patches. Yes all 192 of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I might put some of it on the design wall today to see what I think. But I really do NOT like the lack of contrast in these. Then I will have to find something to do with 192 of these four patch blocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Linda - it's a toss up!!!!!!!!!!!!!     I will forgive you for showing me that book if you sell me some of your chicken wire fabric!!!!!!   I will have to figure out how to work in at least one of those projects in the book. Yeah - plans for 2014 - already messed up and it is JUST January 3rd!!!!    Oh don't worry - I have room for new projects - I just wasn't expecting to get one so quickly. And the nice thing - I already have the pieces cut that will go in the quilt that Linda was making.

And what did I go to Sew Sisters for??????????   Well - I wanted to get some grays so I could work on ANOTHER NEW project. Oh god - you see what I  mean!!!!!!!!!!!    I will be working night and day to get things done!!!!!!!
Three (not fifty) shades of grey!!

I did manage to get Clue Four of the current Bonnie Hunter mystery done!!!!!!!!

Clue Four - DONE

Almost all the Christmas decorations are down, sorted and packed away. Still have the tree to do - later today. The nutcrackers and snowmen - they get a reprieve - they can stay out longer!   Then it isn't so much to pack up at one time!!!  That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

And my mundane task of the day - I cleaned a crisper (does anyone still use that word?) in the fridge.   Well - I got it all cleaned out - amazing how dirty they get and how quickly they get dirty.

Have my mom on my case to get some stuff done as well. Oh boy - can't put off MOM!!!!!    And I have yet another secret project (read gift!) to work on and fast.    But the good news - I got a call from Ruti's and they had received the fabric that I needed for that NOW DELAYED secret project. And the colour was PERFECT. Only took THREE TRIES to make that happen!!!!!!!!!!!!     But I can proceed and we are all happy and that is all that counts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I have stuff to take care of today and I had better get to work. I got a VERY POLITE request from another Linda for something that I owe her and I should really STOP everything and work on it today which I just might. Then it is OFF MY SHOULDERS.   I hear you Linda!  

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. You could put the rejected 4-patches on the back of Easy Street. Then, you won't have to find another new project for them.

    Barbara in MD