Friday, January 17, 2014

Let's be realistic!!!!!!!!!

Yes - I have a problem with being realistic!  I think I can do it all!!!!   (well - I can - can`t I????)

Here is a story that just BLOWS my mind. We all know the famous fabric company that makes TASTY TREATS!    I get frequent e-mails from them with new pattern ideas. I am not sure who the designers are, but you can bet that each and every one who designs the quilt DID NOT pay for the fabric.

Today's pattern - well - today's pattern - I am so in shock - I can't even think.

I had a quick peek at the fabric requirements - then I did some math. Seriously?????

The dimensions of the quilt (hidden way down near the end of the directions) is 71 by 73 inches. OK - that is an OK size for a lap quilt.
The fabric requirements - 25 FQs (which is the equivalent of 6 1/4 Yards of fabric)
PLUS  another 4 1/2 yards for the sashings and whatnot.    OK - so that is a total of 10 3/4 yards of fabric to make a lap quilt.

Seriously??????   That absolutely blows my mind. The problem is that they want to "show case" that particular line of fabric so you make 25 stars - each from a DIFFERENT fabric and their "minimum" cut is a FQ so you buy ONE FQ to make one star.

I think that is highway robbery!!!!    Now most of us would NOT do that, BUT I bet some people will. Besides costing a LOT of money - you have so MUCH left over and what are you going to do with it?????   Trust me - been there, done that and WILL REFUSE to be sucked in my some marketing scheme to buy fabric.

Another way to look at this - the square footage of the quilt  is 36 sq feet. (71 x 73 divided by 144 (number of inches in a square foot). That gives you 36 square feet (more or less).

The square footage of the fabric they recommend - (number of square inches per yard - 1,400 - (36 inches long by 40 inches wide). Then multiply that number by number of yards - (1,400 x 10.75) - 15,480 square inches. Then divide that by 144 (to get number of square feet) - 107.50.

SOMEONE - please tell me that I made a mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    (Yes - I know there are seam allowances and such that are NOT taken into account in the above calculation, but still!!!!!! - you are being asked to buy THREE times the amount necessary).   Yes - I know you need some fudge factor - I am just making a point here.

On another note - I had BIG plans for this week. Get lots of quilts quilted and sewn and while I have made progress - it hasn't been as much as I would like. Then I had even bigger plans that I would get this quilt done for tomorrow...............

Well the quilt top is done, but I was hoping to quilt it. 

And since it has this flat piping - I am going to quilt the border separately from the quilt. 

And I am working on the second colourway (which is STUNNING) and have made super progress

Then this morning I thought - WHAT AM I DOING??????    This quilting thing is supposed to be fun - not stressful. So I decided to NOT quilt the brown one and that way I can comfortably finish the bright one and have time to get a small customer quilt done.

Who am I kidding??????

Well the problem is that I spent a LOT of time chatting and visiting this week - all scheduled and I loved it, but these quilts just bogged me down!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I had a great workout at the gym and I am ready to tackle the day knowing that I have a DOABLE work load, not an IMPOSSIBLE one.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!


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