Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Farm Market

ACK - so much going on - and first thing in the morning, it is tough to get to the blog.

M and I have been trying to locate a farmer's market in the area. We finally discovered the Farmer's Market in Milton.

The INDOOR market is held at Terra Greenhouses.

The market will run until April 5!     It was a bitter cold day with snow blowing around. OK - I know - EVERY day here lately is bitterly cold!    As a result a few vendors were not there.

But what a GREAT use of space. The greenhouses are sitting EMPTY (but heated) - well almost empty and this is a win win for the nursery, the vendors and US - the customers.  

To get to the greenhouse, you have to walk through the main show room and look what we saw.............

Orange umbrella

Orange hat!

Quilt looking (with orange) serving tray

More orange accessories

Big orange flower and a beautiful orange throw

And STUNNING  BIG BIG BIG orange flowers!!!!!!

In the greenhouses - we saw these orange doors - they were NOT for sale, but then ANYTHING can be for sale if the price is right!!!!!

I have to say that on our way out to the car - that BIG orange flower (the metal one in the picture with the throw) - just JUMPED into our bags and into the car. Funny how that happened!!!!

So we walked around the farmer's market and looked at everything BEFORE we bought anything.   Now I was hoping to find people with veggies - I know it is winter, but I thought potatoes, carrots - root veggies, but there was only one person selling product - apples and we have enough fruit in our fridge for the moment.   I would hope that some of the missing vendors will have veggies?????

Anyway - people were selling baked goods (LOTS of baked goods), fermented tea (a substitute drink for wine - non -alcoholic), soaps, salsa, meat, meal packages and a whole bunch more stuff.

Here is what we trucked home. Oh my - I think we went a bit crazy and will be eating all that stuff FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

One vendor sold NOTHING but items made with sweet potatoes. We bought the waffles
And brownies - which were to die for!!!!!!!!!!!

We bought frozen veggie burgers, stewing beef and frozen black bean tamales (that was from THREE different vendors)
Chicken pot pies (a tad too much crust and not enough filling for my liking)

Asparagus - pickles, salsa and CHIPS made with asparagus flour!!!!!!

HUGE peanut butter cookies

Fresh whole wheat bread and honey (again - two different vendors)
TWO pies - YUMMY!!!!!
Vegan cupcakes

Homemade soap in alpaca felt. Instant loofa!!!!!!

So yes - we bought a LOT of stuff. All of it pretty good!!!!!

We don't normally eat that much baked goods - we hardly eat the stuff (OK - we eat some every day), but I don't think we would go every week. Probably once a month?   I would like to go back though to see who wasn't there that day.

It is well worth a visit - even if you don't buy anything. Oh yes - there was a place where you could buy coffee and some of the goodies were available to buy just one with you coffee.

And then browse the stuff that Terra is selling. Oh boy - if you want Crocs - they have them and not just what you perceive Crocs to be. There were some pretty fancy ones!!!!!   Nice luggage stuff and bags.  Oh yes - we could have gone crazy in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are still looking for the place where we can buy the winter basket, but haven't found that yet. But we are still on the lookout.

That's it for today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. We were there a couple of weeks ago and there was someone selling root vegetables. Maybe give Terra a call Saturday after 10AM and see if they are there this week.

  2. Is this what you are looking for?