Sunday, January 12, 2014

Scheduling really does work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night was the end of the week (as per my calendar) and time to review what did and did not get done last week. WOW - I got EVERYTHING (but one small thing for my Mom) done that WAS SCHEDULED!!!!!!    I am very impressed - and I doubt that half of it would have gotten worked on if I had not written it down. Plus I squeezed finishing TWO novels in there. OK - so it was a LATE night last night - I couldn't help myself. I was tired and really wanted to go to sleep which is what I would normally do, but for some reason, I FORCED myself to stay awake - I really really really wanted to see how the book finished!!!!

I have already made up the schedule for this week. And while I am making it, I find it hard to believe that I am as busy as I am because I thought quilting was a "hobby"?????   Well it is sort of a hobby, but there seems to be so much happening - gifts to make, quilts to quilt. However there is a LOT of fun time built in there or what is the point!!!!!

I found a NEW AUTHOR - well new to me. I don't even remember where or how I stumble upon some of these authors, but this one is Canadian - lives very close to me as a matter of fact. Her name is Vicki Delany. Her first novel was published in 2005 called Scare the Light Away.  It was a very good book, very sad and in parts, very hard to read because of the subject matter. But it takes place near Huntsville and one of the characters turns out to be a quilter!!!!!    I am going to start reading her series about a woman detective. Oh yes - I think I saw her latest book on the "new book" carousel at the library. Then I looked her up and started back at the beginning!!!!

Scare The Light Away by Vicki Delany

And I managed to get some extra reading time in - I went to get my car serviced. It was going to take two hours. No problem - I brought my book. I was disappointed when they came to get me!!!!!!  YES - I could have played games on my phone or text with someone, but the book was way more interesting. Other than Scrabble (which I need to get caught up on - but it isn't working properly on my tablet - can you believe that - I have had so much bad luck with Scrabble) - I don't play any games. I would like to, I would like to do more crosswords and word puzzles, but no time. I figure when my hands are crippled with arthritis - then I will be able to do those word games. I know - that sounds a bit morbid!!!   But I think arthritis is going to be an issue with my hands at some point.

I was busy at work and got TWO customer quilts done. OK - so they were very small both of them but they still have to be loaded on the machine. Same process regardless of the size. Doesn't matter - two more are done.

Customer quilt

Customer quilt

AND I finished that special project I am working on. Well I finished the quilting - I have to  put the binding on now!!!!

Turned out not too bad despite the fact that the back had a pattern on it. I don't like the patter, but I didn't have a choice. 

Oh boy  - I now have quite a few quilts that need to be trimmed. Bindings stitched on and in one case - do the hand stitching to hold it down. Oh yes - there is always something to get done.

On that note - I must get started with my day.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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