Thursday, January 30, 2014

No room for error!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ack - I did NOT do a good job of planning for this week. I have a LOT of commitments and still trying to get some quilting done. BUT - I am making progress - just working some bizarre hours!

We had embroidery club yesterday and I got something done!!!!!!!!

YES - this border is finally finished!!!!!!!    I do have a couple of extra butterflies that I am going to put on the quilt, but that won't take long and then I can put the final border on!!!!!!!!!!!     YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Then I did a small community project quilt that needed to be done.

Community project quilt - very cute!!!!!!!    I trimmed it and put the binding on and even delivered it!!!!!

Detail of quilting

Then I got busy to work on those five quilts that need to be done. The ones that I can't show you yet!!!!!!

The backing for three of them was ONE big long piece of fireside fleece. I serged some waste cloth on both sides of the fleece. Then I loaded that HUGE long piece. I had a massive roll on the machine - almost wasn't going to fit!!!!!    Then I loaded the first quilt. There is NOT a lot of room to spare.

This is the right hand side of the loaded quilt  

This is the left side!!!!!!

When I was done one quilt, I cut the excess batting away (oh yes - I had to piece the batting for all three!!!)

Anyway - then I just snugged the next quilt top up leaving an inch between the end of the previous one and I have TEN MINUTES left before all three are done.

Adding the new quilt to the bottom of the quilted one

So on that note - I have to get back to the machine. I hope to get those three quilts trimmed and bound today at Thursday sewing and I have to leave shortly.    There is NO PRESSURE in my world!!!!!    Oh my!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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