Sunday, January 5, 2014


I wonder why we have a tendency to talk about how we were wronged or what broke or the bad thing that happened to us?

I think we need to talk about the good - and not the real good - like I won a million dollars (which I did not), but the little things. Like yesterday when we were in the line at Wal-Mart to return an item we had purchased. It was an electronic item and we were NOT at the store that we purchased it from. The lady at the counter said - oh this is electronic and has to be approved by someone in the electronic department. Well - guess who was standing RIGHT BEHIND US at Wal-Mart?  Yep - an employee from the electronic department (he was there to assist another customer with an electronic product). He approved and we got our money back. That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Then we needed to find a couple of stores in Square One (I don't usually go there). We were studying the map when one of the mall employees came over and asked if she could help. Then she gave us directions to all four places we needed to go. That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

M and I decided to have lunch at the mall. Well if you have NOT been to Square One in a while - you are in for a SHOCK. The mall has been undergoing a face lift and WOW - it is pretty upscale and elegant inside!!!!    Even the washrooms are pretty snazzy.

The food court!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking across the center plaza to the other side of the food court

We had lunch at Cultures and I would go back to the mall - JUST FOR LUNCH. And I HATE malls. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!   Our local mall (Erin Mills) will be undergoing the same face lift. Oh boy - can't wait to see it happen. I should take my camera to the mall and get some pictures. It looks so weird with everything all supported with scaffolding while they replace part of the roof.    Yes - I must get pictures - maybe today.

We got all our stuff exchanged and I even went to Lulu Lemon for the first time ever!!!!!!!!! The store was crazy busy!!!!!!!!!!!    Who knew that people were so much into work out clothes. Oh - I forgot - it is upscale leisure wear!!   And some work out wear!  

Went to Fabricland and got one more piece of fabric for my urgent gift. Oh boy - it wasn't the one that I wanted, but it was the only one they had - so I bought it. This stuff is "older" and I was just lucky that any of it still exists.    That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back home and cut and sew, cut and sew and VOILA - the TOP IS DONE for quilt Number One.   I know - that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      And look what I found for the backing..............

This is plush with a chevron pattern - wasn't crazy about the chevron pattern, but it is a deep rich blue (I know - the picture doesn't do it justice). Anyway - it will be perfect!!!!!!!!!      Yes - that was an AWESOME find!!!!!!!!!!!

The quilt is 59 inches wide - the backing is 60 inches. Will need to put some waste cloth on the sides of the backing. But it will work!!!!!!!!!!!!    The recipient is sure going to appreciate this quilt!!!!!!!!!!!   And I have to say that for what it is and where the fabric came from - it looks pretty darn nice!!!!!!!!    I am amazed.   Yes - it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I was wondering what to do with the other four quilts. Well as I was working on this one - I figured it out and I know the PERFECT recipients - so must get working on all those as well.   They do NOT take long to put together and not long to quilt - just the binding will slow me down, but if I start now - I can get done in time. I will quilt the first one this week - I ordered backing for the others that will take some time to get here.

I just have to make the binding for the first one which I will do today. I had to laugh when I pulled out this red fabric that I will use for the binding. You see that little chunk cut out?????    Well that means the fabric is VERY OLD.   I was in a class with Jinny Beyer way back in 1999 and we had to cut out pieces of fabric  1" by 3" for a colour theory class and yes - that is why this scrap is cut out!!!!   I had NO scraps at the time so had to cut from yardage!!!!   I guess there are still a few pieces of fabric around.

Fabric corner GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At some point in the day - I had to clean my sewing machine. My FIVE bobbins were DONE!!!!!!!   Oh poo - I hate when that happens, but once the machine is clean and a new needle - well the machine is so much happier.

Look how much lint accumulates after five bobbins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I get back to sewing and OH MY - what is this??????   I see this little piece of black peeking out of the opening where the take up lever is.............

It appears to be a piece of plastic that is on the inside of the machine around the opening of the take up lever. Well I took it off and the machine seemed to work just fine. But should probably be replaced!!!!!!!!

Mary came over and we had a consult about Easy Street. I have decided to leave it. I know - I may regret that decision once it is together, but honestly - what colour to substitute?   No clue - easier to just leave it!!!!!!!   I can always use it as a learning experience if I don't like it!!!!!!!!!

Easy Street

Speaking of Mary - she brought over her Celtic Solstice. Yes she is done - well she has to add the borders, but it looks amazing.

Mary's Celtic Solstice

And she brought over another quilt that she was working on. This is the concept of mile a minute - just sew your scraps together to get big enough pieces to make a block.  I  LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary's scrap quilt!

Got another quilt done for the guild. 

Detail of quilting

And there was JUST enough batting. They are usually a bit more generous than that!!!!!    But it worked out. 

We did not get to the dismantling of the machine yesterday - hopefully today. Nope - just checked - not going to happen today.

I have been looking for a way to get that Quilt Mania magazine. Yesterday I thought about the World's Biggest Book store down town. I called them and YES - they have the magazine. That was AWESOME!!!!!!! I was chatting with Ronda (who works down town) and YES she could pick the magazine up for me - matter of fact, she was going down town TODAY. Now THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!     Thanks Ronda!!!!!!!!!!!    I am so going to owe you big time!!!!!!!!!!!

She also sent me this picture for the upcoming Olympics - well it is pretty neat.  Can't wait for them to start!!!!

Olympic Cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     YES - I am sucked in by the marketing, but I WANT a bag. Just because!!!!!!!!  I sent my kid to Lowlaws, but she couldn't find them there.   OK - Ronda - fess up - where did you snap this picture?????

I took these pictures of Sammy in M's room.

Sammy just hanging out with M  (and M LOVES her couch cozy - she wears it all the time!!!!!!!!!!)

Sammy with her STRESS CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I had better get myself together - I am off to spin class this morning - then I will be fired up to work on quilt top Number Two and get a few other things done as well.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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