Monday, January 6, 2014

A long day!!!!!!!

I have to say there is NOTHING that feels better than having a great spin class, then a nice stretch, 10 minutes in the steam room, a nice hot shower and then slathered with lotion!   Ah!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep - I'd do that again!!!!!   Oh boy - it is pretty sad when that is exciting!!!!    But I do love that gym - once you are back in the locker room - it is like a spa!!

Back home where-we all had lunch together - when has that happened in our house!!!!!!

Then I headed to the studio to work.   Got another community project quilt done.

Community project - quilted and trimmed!!!!!
This quilt was done a while ago, but needed the binding sewn on - it is now on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This quilt needed to be trimmed. Then I found some fabric to make the binding, made the binding and sewed it on!!!!!    
I trimmed another quilt and made the binding - I will sew it on tomorrow. Trying to get all these quilts ready to be dropped off on Thursday. And won't it be nice to not have to rush on Thursday!!!!

Oh yes - I am trying to plan. I got my schedule for the week all laid out. Don't worry - there are always gaps in there and besides I am scheduling FUN things like quilting - never house work!!!!!!!!!!!

But while I was working - I was listening to that book - In Defense of Food. Oh MY - there are so many things to think about. While we all tend to think that we eat somewhat healthy - there are things way down the food chain that I had NEVER even considered!!!!!    Even if only half of what the author says is true - well you better start reading labels!!!!!!!!    And the COST of health care because of WHAT WE EAT - well it is shocking.    Amazing that the governement will regulate something like cigarettes, yet lets us eat all the sugar that we do. Diabetes is a HUGE issue.      I will try to eat better - but I will never give up sugar - I just might eat less of it!!!!!    That means I have to keep going to spin class to compensate!!!!!

And LOOK - personal delivery of my magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!      No Olympics cookies though!!!!

Thanks Ronda!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Current issue of Quilt Mania!!!!!!!!

Let's not forget that I worked on the project for my Mom - and things are coming along nicely there. I put the ball back in her court tonight so now I am waiting for her to give me information!!!!  

Hmmm - that doesn't seem a lot, but I was busy all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh yes - I did load the next quilt to be quilted!!!!   And more tidying up! Just trying to put away the things that I am finished with. It makes a huge difference to keeping the place clean.

Here is my wildlife picture of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you talking to ME???????

It was funny watching the squirrel. Not this one, but the black one. He was trying to get into the squirrel feeder, but kept sitting on the lid!!!!!!   DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Then this squirrel showed him how to do it - and he was on his way to peanut heaven!!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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