Thursday, February 13, 2014

Where the deer and the antelope roam......................

OK - so there are no antelope here, but deer - yikes you can't drive far without seeing a deer. It is very tricky to get a picture of them since they don't want to hang around people and I don't have a zoom lens with me. Apparently there are moose as well, but I haven't seen any.

Deer crossing the road
Those dots in the field are deer
There are about 15 in this picture
Who is going to go first - me or them?????
Big fluffy white tails on them all!!!!

I have put off posting these pictures because I was also hoping to post pictures of the buffalo!!!!   No they are NOT wild buffalo, but someone raises a big herd of buffalo.  The first day I saw the buffalo close to the road, I was going along the highway at a decent clip and shoot - no time to stop. The second time that we saw the buffalo close to the road, I was going slow enough that we could stop. Took the camera out and NO CARD - I had left the card in the computer at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!    And every other time that we passed the buffalo farm, the buffalo have been hiding!!!!!    Today is the LAST time going to North Battleford (I think Dad and I have been to town ALMOST EVERY DAY since I picked him up!!!!).   I wonder if we will see the buffalo this morning?????

My parents celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary on the day that Dad came home from the hospital.  I bought them a small RED VELVET cake (with loads of icing - OK - so the icing was good!)

Red velvet anniversary cake!  (At least it was small so there wasn't lots to eat!!!)
And a nice bouquet of flowers.  This picture was taken about five days after I brought it home. I forgot to take a picture right away!!!!

So this trip has been a bit of a memory lane for me. I delivered the last of the FIVE tractor quilts yesterday.   I had a good visit with ALL the aunts and uncles, something I don't normally get a chance to do as I don't usually stay for two weeks!!!!     Oh yes - it has been interesting!!!!!!   Trying to help out Uncle Sammy who is 84 and trying to learn how to send an e-mail, Uncle Bob is recovering from a new knee that he got the week before Dad got his new hip, Uncle Paul who is recovering from pneumonia after struggling with cancer for 3 years and Uncle John who was bustling around the kitchen helping getting the dinner ready!!!!!   But everyone was very pleased with their quilt and that is all that matters. I like making quilts and I REALLY like having a home for them so I better reevaluate what I am doing!!!!     Who wants a quilt?????     WAIT -before you put up your hand - there is ONE rule -  if you are a quilter - you do NOT qualify for a quilt!!!!

Since we can't watch the Olympics (well thanks to Ronda who reminded me to download the CBC Olympic app on my phone - we did watch some figure skating the other night - but I am afraid of going over my data, and we are always running around - we only watched the one night), we are still celebrating the Olympics by eating Olympic cookies!!!!!!!!!!!    (And the internet speed here is too slow to watch over the internet)

Go Canada Go!!!!!!    (one of my favourite cookies and Dad likes them too!!)

Joyce W had asked me about a couple of people who are relatives of hers from this area. I believe I went to school with their kids???? I didn't really know much about them (they were from the other side of the tracks!!!! - just kidding - while I knew these girls, we traveled in different circles) so I thought I would go and visit my friend Theresa who works at the high school that we all attended.

North Battleford Comprehensive High School

Yep - this is where I went to school for Grade 10 - 12.  Took secretarial stuff and welding!!!!   Learned shorthand - and how useful was that?????    But typing - oh yes - typing was a GOOD thing to take. And then there was the usual academic classes. Theresa also took welding and once school was finished, after several years of working elsewhere, she ended up as one of the secretaries at this school. Now MANY years later - she is still working there.   We had a great update over dinner last week. Unfortunately she doesn't know much more about the mystery relatives than I do.

And since I was on a memory lane tour, I decided to drive past one of my old places where I lived!!!!!

Pretty nice house!   When I lived here, the house had been broken up into apartments. Theresa lived on the second floor - I lived on the third.  Yep - basically in the attic!!!!    But it is such a gorgeous house - I heard that it was converted back into ONE house. I would love to see it - that third floor would make a great sewing room!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I said we have driven to town almost everyday since Dad came home. As I turned the corner on one trip home, I saw this vista in front of me and it reminded me of a current colour palette for modern quilts. GREYS and YELLOWS.

Quilt colour palette

 The picture doesn't do the landscape picture justice - it is very pretty despite the fact that everything is frozen solid and trees are barren.

North Battleford is quite a bit NORTH of Toronto. Because of that and the fact that Saskatchewan does NOT participate in the time change - the sun comes up LATE.   I believe sunrise is almost NINE AM which really threw me off the first day.

Sunrise on one of our trips to town.

 Yesterday we took our usual trip to town despite the fact that the wind was blowing and there was snow. It was crazy - at times I could NOT see the road!!!!!

The snow blowing like crazy and this wasn't the WORST of what we went through

And despite the fact that the temperature was WARMER (it was minus 19 - that wind chill was a TAD frosty!!!!)

We will be off shortly for our last trip. Got the list of errands to do and things to pick up. And of course the stop at Tim's!!!!    They have a brand new one here. The doors are AUTOMATIC so if your hands are full of Tim cups - no problem - the door opens automatically!!!!   How thoughtful is that!

Once I finished binding those quilts, I knew I was going to have lots of time on my hands so I brought something else to do. I will share that with you tomorrow.  One more sleep!!!!!!!!!!!  (But who is counting!)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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