Saturday, February 15, 2014

Travel day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Travel days - MY FAVORITE!  - well not exactly.  I hate carrying all that luggage and stuff, but there is nothing more freeing than checking your luggage and then knowing that you have NOTHING to do until you arrive at the other end!!!!!     I was going to knit, but started my book and well - I couldn't stop reading it!!!

FIRST  though - we went to my Uncle Sammys (who is 84) to try and get him straightened out with sending e-mail. He is doing pretty good, but can't remember!!!!!!!!   I wonder if I will get an e-mail from him today???

While the temperature was definitely getting warmer, it was still frosty. This is frost on the trees!!!
Then it was time to leave.  As much as I was excited to come home, it was bittersweet to leave my parents. I know they are going to be just fine, but  - well you can't help but worrying about them!   They are not getting any younger!

While I was out there, I heard from TWO different sources about a quilt store that I MUST visit.  Since it wasn't really too far out of my way back to the airport, I decided to check it out.    They are called Prairie Chicks

Prairie Chicks

Inside the store
This quilt store is in Warman, Saskatchewan  which is just north of Saskatoon. And all I can say - is THANK GOD my suitcases were crammed and had no room.  WOW - they are a quilt store and a scrapbook store.   I could have spent a lot longer in the store - beautiful display of books, lots of new (to me) patterns and designers, the modernish style of fabrics, yet the basics as well.   I could have stayed for hours browsing, but I didn't have that luxury.

High ceilings, LOADS of samples - it is a quilter's DREAM. If you are EVER in that neighbourhood - you MUST go to this store. They have been in this location since the beginning of January. The staff was young (well younger) and helpful. I wonder how long they have been around and I knew NOTHING about them?????

Thanks to the ladies at Prairie Chicks - I will be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then off to the airport where I checked my luggage and then yep - I was free.  Had lunch (yes - visiting a quilt store takes priority over having lunch), and then onto the gate which was far from the security.

Once we landed in Winnipeg - yes I took the milk run home - well just one stop)  and yes - my new gate was at the far end of the airport. Why is that????   Who gets on and off at the gates that are close to security?????


And of course when I landed in Toronto, we were at the complete far end of the terminal (where Starbucks is!). I like to walk fast and I find that whenever I get off the plane and "attempt" to walk fast down that LONG HALL, I feel like an awkward adolescent. It must be from sitting in those seats although I don't find them cramped.

Got to get ready for my class this morning.

While it is fun to be away - there is no place like HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a GREAT DAY (it is AWESOME outside already)


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