Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rosewodd Cottage - yet again!!!

Yes - it seems that we have been Rosewood Cottaged to death!!!!!   BUT I promise - this is the last of my Rosewood Cottage pictures for a while. This post will have me caught up with my classes. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

So these pictures are from the January reveal at Ruti's Needlebed.............


Judy M

Judy M - nice fussy cut flower!!!!


Kay   - GORGEOUS FUSSY CUT houses!!!!!!!   Amazing that they are the right scale!



They were supposed to have that center done for this class, but I see that a few are still working on the blocks.  I believe I even heard excuses like "the dog ate my homework!!"



Veronica   - see those fussy cut light bulbs in the windows!!!!

Judy Z
Jan (she is making the center bigger so there are more rows and columns than the others). She also used some different (Non - Rosewood Cottage) blocks as well. 



That is so impressive.   So adventuresome with the colours. I can't wait to see the completed projects. They are going to be stunners!!!!!!!!!!!!

In addition to the Rosewood Cottage project, we also had OTHER show n tell. Have a look..........

Judy M's gorgeous log cabin quilt

This also belongs to Judy M (she was BUSY). Made with the Li'l Twister ruler. The middle size????

Someone made place mats with leftover four patches. Nice echo quilting sets the blocks off. 

More place mats - the stack and slash method. 

And used a fancy stitch to quilt them. 

This is the "dog" that ate Cathy's homework. She was making this for her grand daughter. It is made entirely from plush and is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!      There was ONE kit left - I held myself back because someone else wanted it. Then they did not - so I HAD to buy it. I have NO little girls in my life, but it was too cute to leave behind!!!!!!!!!!    And so THAT story goes...........................  

It is very hard to see, but there is quilting on this sample that Ruthi showed. The stitch is pretty wide and was done with a STITCH on her new quilting machine. She sells Brother machines so you can go to the store and check it out. 

Nancy brought this beautiful antique quilt top with her.  It is hand done - looks like original 30s fabric and is a real treasure!!!!!    Now she has to figure out how to finish it!!!!!!!!

Someone's neighbour had given this to them. They are going to finish the stitching and make a wall hanging out of it. 

The last picture begs the questions - should I finish something or should I leave it. Many of the fabrics/panels, etc printed in the 60s and 70s and possibly the 80s were very DISTINCT in colour and style. And most of them are DATED by today's standard.   It is quite possible that the same thing will happen to us. Our bright colours and batiks and solids may become a thing of the past 20 years down the road. Personally I find that hard to believe, but hey - didn't we all think those Harvest gold and Avacado green kitchen appliances were the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just thought I would send a reminder to everyone - how are the 2014 projects coming along????   We are now through the FIRST month of the year. Hopefully everyone has something completed or at least making advancement on what they wanted to get done.

Even though I haven't been home, I have been hard at work - well sort of. I will be posting some show n tell of MY OWN tomorrow.

Not that I am counting the days :), but I have FIVE more sleeps before I come home!!!!!    The temperature this morning - MINUS THIRTY!!!!!!!!    And the sky was so CLEAR last night, I thought I could see to the end of the galaxy!!!!!!   But the stars were spectacular, but a tad too cold to enjoy for more than a few seconds.

 And parents - oh boy - I won't say more than that. But I think it is a good idea for me (as a parent) to visit with my parents. It is an eye opener and hopefully I will go home - a bit more relaxed as a parent (if that is possible)????   Even though I am pretty relaxed now. Well - that may not make a lot of sense, but holy cow - senior parents - what can I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    One needs the patience of Job - I didn't understand them when I was growing up and I still don't!!!!!   (well in fairness to my Dad - I didn't understand my Mom when I was growing up and I still don't!!!!)

On that note - I have to get back to work. No Olympics to watch - we are WAY out in the country, no cable, no satellite, just an antenna on the house and only TWO TV stations. Not a big deal, but neither of them is CBC so NO Olympics. I tried to see on my phone, but NOPE - I get this message.............

What nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have books and hand work and my computer (at least they have wireless access to the internet via satellite - but TOO SLOW to data stream anything!!!)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay safe (and warm!)


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  1. for being with your father at this time, and with your mother, and for being way out in Saskatchewan with no good TV, for being away from your home and all your comings and goings,... BLESS YOU!