Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dear Jane

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!

We had our Dear Jane class on the weekend. We are SO CLOSE to being finished this quilt.  OK - I stand corrected. THE CLASS is so close to finishing their quilts.   Some of them have the centers complete and are working on the borders.  I so can't wait to see them done.   ALL these ladies deserve a big pat on the back. But perhaps I am getting ahead here. There are still blocks and borders to be completed!!!!

Here is the show n tell from Saturday................



Kathy's corner block


Beth (sorry had to take pictures with my phone because I left my camera at home and was a tad fast on this one!!!)


Cathy is our over achiever and is assembling her borders - they are awesome

Mary - playing catch up on her borders as her top is completely together   (so excited - I blurred the picture)

Bernice (there are a LOT of veggies in this one!)

Not everyone made the class and many people have the quilts on their design walls and don't want to take it down. No problem!!!!!

Hang in there - our big reveal of this quilt will be in September.

I have THREE other quilts that we do on the same day as Dear Jane.  I will show you what we are doing in that class.  But later!!!!

My gym friends are responsible for the lateness of this posting.  They insisted I have breakfast with them and now they want me to learn to swim so I can do a triathalon.   Seriously?????   I could live with the swim part, but a triathalon?  I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!  

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!


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