Thursday, February 20, 2014

Water water everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know how it is. We  SHOULD be drinking eight glasses of water each and every day.  I confess - I do NOT drink enough water. I decided that as part of my trying to get healthier kick that I need to drink more water.

I have heard so many ways to make you drink the water. Use a water bottle and carry with you - nope - that doesn't work, put elastics around the glass so you know how many glasses you have drank in the day - nope. So I have decided that I am going to get it all over with in the morning!

More confessions.  I HATE drinking water from the tap.  I think it goes back to living on the farm where the water from the tap was (and still is) awful. Tastes too much like minerals and I just can't drink it. SO - I buy bottled water. BUT before you go on an environmental tangent - read on.............

I take my 18 L water bottles to Rona where I fill them up myself using FILTERED water. It is just FILTERED CITY WATER!!!!   (I know - it is the SAME WATER that comes from my taps) but because it is in a bottle (and is cold because of being in the water cooler) - it is drinkable.  And instead of paying $10 for a bottle of spring water at the grocery store - I pay $2.99 to fill the bottle. Yes - you might say that I could save that $2.99 and use tap water, but I wouldn't drink it so the $2.99 is a good deal!!!!

My self-filled water bottles
My goal is to drink two of these a day. I find when I drink directly from this - I just SIP the water, not drink it and therefore I never end up drinking much. 

There are slightly more than three glasses in each of the green jugs - so if I can do that each day - I am OK with that. 

However there is one PROBLEM with this and that is - water in - water out!!!!!!!!!!    It is NOT a good idea to guzzle those two bottles of water at one time. YEP - I was running to the bathroom a LOT, however I think one needs to retrain the bladder to deal with the extra water!!!!

But that got me to thinking about water - what do the experts say on drinking water?????

Lose weight with water

I have to say there is NOTHING that I could find that says when is the optimal time to drink water. Most of the habits/rules are to encourage you to drink throughout the day - so you get into the habit of drinking your 8 glasses. I say - get it over with and then you don't have to worry about it for the day - just like exercise!!!!    But I better get GLOWING skin, defined muscles and lose weight with all this water!!!!  I know - just humour me, ignore me - I'm on another obsessive tangent!!!!!!!!!!

The past two days were just filled with craziness and I didn't get a lot done and now today I am looking at what needs to be done - we are NOT talking THREE critical items - we are talking way more than THREE.  Yikes - thank goodness, there is NOTHING scheduled on the agenda so that means I can tackle that list with a somewhat clear conscious.

I did get my car fixed and in talking to my neighbour whose daughter has the same car - they have had the same issue with the tires - the seals break on the tire and then you get a flat and there is NOTHING you can do but get them resealed!

And in the process - I got the anti-theft nuts removed. Don't ask me why there are only THREE - last time I checked I had FOUR tires on the car!!!   Now I am not sure if these are called wheel locks or lockable lug nuts (and there are several other names) - the names seem to be used differently depending on who is talking. I don't really care what they are called - they are GONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anti-theft lug nuts - GONE!!!!!!!
On Monday - I also got this last lone Thangles block done. It is a duplicate so goes into the orphan block box. Most important - it is off the shelf.

Orphan block
 We had embroidery club yesterday. I got a lot of work done on a red work block. Just so much fun to chat with the ladies about books, TV shows (OK - so I didn't participate much in that one), what it is like to have Alzheimers (that was a fascinating topic), the Olympics and so much more.  I just love these ladies!!!!!

And I love the fact that we are encouraging each other to get stuff done. This is a small project that Linda had completed except it did NOT have the border on. Now the border is on and it is ready to quilt!!!!!!!!

Linda's snowmen!!!!!!!!!!

I mean - that is what this group thing is all about - how can we help each other to get our stuff done!!!!!

I did spend the afternoon working on something that I can't share at this point. Soon - well in a couple of months. I am designing a mystery quilt for one of the guilds and I am barely keeping ahead of the clues that have to go out with the newsletter. I thought I would try and focus and get it done!!!!!

As I drove past the mall the other day - I spotted a big crane. Oh no - that means the roof and the clock tower are about to come down!!!!!!!!    Better get some pictures.

The clock tower - hard to see at this angle, but there was a guy laying on the left most slope - doing something to prep taking the glass panels down. The entire center of the mall has been boarded off inside. 

The glass roof on the left is completely gone. You can see the roof is still there on the right.    (see where the arrows are pointing)

Well - I have much more to say, but I better tackle that list or I am going to be in trouble. It is going to be a crazy crazy weekend. TWO sit n sew days which are FULL and the $10 quilt at the Hobby Horse. Yikes!!!!!!!

Oh - before I go - I thought I would share this with you.  Check out this story about the coloruful Sochi patchwork quilt designs).   I so want one of the T-shirts - I wonder if Pat was able to get an order together?????

The Sochi quilt

But should you want to make your own quilt - check out this pattern.............

Sochi quilt pattern

Isn't that just the best??????      I think I could break down and add that to my LIST of NEW things to do this year.

On that note - I have run out of time.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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