Friday, February 6, 2015

Change is good!

Have you ever wondered about people and their weight?  Why is that person overweight, why is that person just right or why is that person so skinny?

We have a tendency to assume that a skinny person is a healthy person, however that is not always the case. I have struggled with my weight all my life. Well struggle may not be a good word, but I have been conscious of my weight my entire life.  When I was little - I was the BIG kid at school which translated into the FAT kid.  I know - things like that don't ever leave you!

While I am OK with my current weight,  I see a few pounds crept on over the holidays. All those damn cookies!!!!  Even though I work out in spin class, that is not enough. I do not do weights, I do not stretch, I eat OK, but not the best and I love my snacks. And while snacking is a good thing, the kind of snacks I eat are not good. And my posture sucks!

My gym (Lifetime Athletic) is having another 90-day challenge.  There are two aspects - you can sign up for weight loss or transformation. Cost is $25 for the 90 days. Each week we get to try a new activity (OK - so there is a hidden sales pitch in there but many activities are free - just trying to get people to use them more), we get some lectures on nutrition (where I am going to take copious notes and ASK many questions).   It is TIME for me to make some changes. I only have one life to live and I want to be able to enjoy it as best I can.  I want to be able to roll around on the floor with my girls, I want to remain somewhat agile as I age and I just want to live a better lifestyle and I want to ride my bike for a long long time.  AHA - that is the key - I have to WANT that - no one can make me!!!!

Had my weigh in this morning (I'm not telling you the number - it is just a number!) and my body fat (again - it is just a number) BUT I will share with you my results at the end (the percentage change!!).  OH gosh - now that I have made that public - I had better get my butt in gear.  I do not want to disappoint myself!!!

Wow - but I did have a great workout and well - I love that gym. What can I say!

The other night, I had the privilege of visiting a printing press.  I know - how exciting!  Well - I love to look at all kinds of stuff like that (that is the part of me that came from my Dad!).  When we went into the back to have a look at the proofs (of the latest issue of A Needle Pulling Thread), I wanted to have a better look at the printing press.  Since they were NOT printing anything at the time - they let me have a good look around.  I even took pictures (after I asked).  Have a look - it is pretty cool.

I do not remember the type of press that this was, but the sheet of paper (or whatever they call that) goes right through this printer which is VERY long. It prints one side first - then the other side. NO TURNING - the sheet of paper goes right through.

The printing press
 The printer is so big that there is a catwalk on the top which I got to have a walk on.
The catwalk on top of the printer

This first part is where the top side of the page is printed.

Here are the inks!!!!  That is amazing!

I did NOT dare touch that, but it looked so intriguing. When I asked if it was GOOPY - the answer was yes. Good thing I didn't touch - I would have been branded!!!!    

The second half of the press is where the underside of the paper gets printed.

The ink rollers in a different configuration. Ooh - look at all those dials!!!!

Checking the proofs for colour - wouldn't you love a big workstation like that!!!!

Getting the proofs or are they called strike-offs???   Anyway - it is a very long tedious process, but apparently once the colours are correct - then the actual printing doesn't take too long.

I think this is a guide for when the printing is done

Oh look - more goopy stuff!!!!   I touched NOTHING!!!!

It was really interesting to have a visit and we had a fabulous brain storming session as well.  May be some new stuff in the works. Have to wait to see about that.

I was at the Hobby Horse the other day and I love to poke around to see what is new. I found these great GRAB n GO kits.  Everything you need is in the kit and PRE-CUT!!!!!   How fun is that. I thought it might be a great summer project.

Grab n Go Kits.

M and I went to Target yesterday. It is very sad to see that store close. I know they haven't been in Canada very long, but someone made a big mistake in checking the market.  Very sad and I feel for those employees - many of whom probably worked at Zellers.  Anyway - we went to check out the bargains. 10 to 30% - not that great, but we did buy a few things. I was on the hunt for that video baby monitor.  OH MY GOD - they are over $200.  I do NOT want to pay that price for one. They were only 10% off as well.  So just saying - if anyone has a video baby monitor that they no longer need/want - I would be happy to negotiate!!!!

Let's not forget QUILTSocial today.  There is a FABULOUS project. Check it out - I think you will like it!!!

On that note - I am a bit late - was chatting up everyone at the gym this morning!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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