Thursday, February 5, 2015


Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day and I just never got to the blog!

Started the day off with a great spin class with Joseph.  I am getting so caught up in the numbers that I almost forget the actual class.  There are four numbers you can monitor while in the class - the time, the number of watts generated, the distance and of course - your heart rate!  Well - I have goals for the first three and I push myself to get to those goals. Crazy!   But if it makes me sweat and get a good work out - I'll take it!!

A long contemplative rest in the steam room, a shower, breakfast and then up to my private Pilates class.  We get one private class when you sign up for a group class.  I am not convinced that I like Pilates - it is good, it is good for the core, but - well I don't know. Kind of boring????   I will see if I sign up again.

Rush home to be with the embroidery club.  I just love this group. BUT I am going to have to tell them - NO MORE BOOK or MOVIE recommendations!!!   Yikes - I picked up EIGHT items at the library yesterday!  All kidding aside - these are a great group of ladies and I look forward to my Wednesday morning.

Making progress on my embroidered ornaments

Virginia is working on some applique that she will later embellish with embroidery.  I am downloading this same pattern which is gorgeous.

Block of the Month by P3Designs - January blocks

Note - the link takes you to the February blocks. January is already gone. You MUST get it month by month.
One more January block 
 The blocks are little - I believe they finish at 5 inches.  But so cute!!!!!!!   I want to make it, but not at this moment. I have a couple of other applique projects that MUST be done first.

Back to my striped table runner.  Remember - this is what I had leftover from making the first one.

Leftover blocks from table runner number one
Leftover scraps
I arranged the leftover blocks into TWO smaller table runners  - note I am TWO blocks short
But with the magic of SCRAPS and adding those setting triangles - TWO small tablerunners

And this is all that is left from scrap which is already in the green scrap box

 Shouldn't take long to get those pieced - make the backing and binding and THREE more projects will be done. One day - I might start with some of the smaller pieces - like table runners and get those all quilted. Then move onto the bigger quilts.  Got to come up with a plan for that at some point.

Speaking of scraps - I was teaching a class on the weekend and look what I found in the GARBAGE!!!!!!


I am amazed at what people throw out!!!!!    This is just crazy.  Anyway - I rescued these scraps and they are now in my batik scrap project box.

Did you remember to check out QUILTSocial yesterday????   If not - here are the two links from Wednesday and Thursday. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - it is time to get this day started!!!!

Have a great day!


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