Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Working hard........

What a great day at Monday Mania!  The ladies were in fine form and they sewed up a storm!  I know I keep saying it, but that group is such a therapeutic tool.  The `round table`format keeps everyone in the loop, everyone helps each other and well - I just can't wait for Mondays to roll around.

Have a look at what was accomplished yesterday.

Lynn brought in her Farm Fresh - the top is DONE. She just needs to quilt it!   (yes - the orientation looks weird because I took the picture on its side and rotated it!)

I got some more scraps for the pet mats.  I notice that this bag was chopped up to protect the innocent!  (in the event the pieces were too big!)  Oh so clever!!!!!

Paula brought in her Chubby Charmer - I think almost everyone has made one of these bags

Paula has cute little labels that she puts on her projects

Jan got her table runner (the top) done and ready for quilting. 

I have to laugh because I get asked all the time "how should I quilt this?"  So I tell them but they don't want to hear what I have to tell them.  "I can't do that - that is too much!"  But the more I push them, they do break down and do it!!!!   And they are learning!

I didn't get pictures of Veronica's table runners. But she has been practicing and is doing amazing with the quilting!  There was one design that she just could not get. The night before our class (last week), I am lying in bed trying to figure out a better way to show her.  So instead of ribbon candy, we now call it tear drop and she got it!!!!   I love it!!!!!!

I see that Lynn is very protective of HER stuff!!!  But since there was no name on the box - we were going to steal it!

Karen was hard at work on the prep work for an upcoming class.  Yep - looks like she is making rope - lots and lots of rope!  

And lots more to go!!!!!

I wouldn't let Paula work on her bags so she was "forced" to get back to work on her double wedding ring!!!!

We had a good laugh - this is Paula's "covered bottom".  She misread the directions and thought it said covered button!  The button is beautifully done!!!

Have you watched the movie "Doubt"?  It took me a good 20 minutes before I clued in that Meryl Streep was Mother Aloysius. The big question - was the priest guilty or not?   Paula and I had a good discussion about that.  No fair though - she had watched it three times!!!   It is very intriguing and shows how a few subtle points can be misinterpreted to make you believe something that might not be true!!!

Susan working on another chubby charmer

Lynn working on her Itty Bitty Blocks from Quiltmaker magazine

Paula (another Paula) working on 4th of July 

Jan working on her mystery quilt
 I did get tons done as well. I had decided to just focus on non-machine work.

Trimming up some half square triangles. I will do a few each week. It is a boring job. 
I finished trimming my hour glass blocks. 
 When I got home, I sorted them by size and now they are in the appropriate bag with the rest of them.

My box of hour glass blocks - all trimmed and ready to do something with

I finally got the buttons sewn on the Pinetree Parka
 Since I did not want to make buttonholes, I sewed snaps on the inside.

Snaps on the inside

I sewed the snap on the inside and then slightly offset the button and sewed it on the outer side. There was enough of an offset to cover the thread from sewing on the snaps.

I still have to sew the other half of the snap on. That is a project for Thursday.  But I am almost done!!!!!!

On that note - I have to get going. A busy day and no time to waste!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


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