Monday, February 16, 2015

It's all about the cats!

Of course - I did NOT get done all that I wanted to yesterday, BUT I was still very productive and very happy with what I did get done.

I got ONE of the three quilts done that I had hoped to do.

Customer quilt

This is one of the feather patterns that I have. It is my favourite pattern and  I love doing it. 

The next quilt is loaded and will try to get it done later today.  These next two are fairly small so they shouldn't take too long even though one of them is a custom.

Nope - I spent a good part of the day working on the pet mats. You remember the huge stack of scraps that I had.  Well the cat people (Joy and Jerry) were coming around 3 PM and I wanted to try and get rid of all of this if I could.

Bags and bags of fabric scraps
If there were big pieces - like the cut offs from quilts - I didn't want to put those big pieces in the mats. They would be too lumpy so ......................
I laid them out like this and.................


It was good therapy and what a great way to stay warm on a cold day!!!!  I was practically sweating from all the chopping and in my T-shirt!!!!

Well I hacked and chopped through ALL those bags and this is what I made.................

I had made the first two mats by using ONE pillowcase, but thought they were too big - so I cut each pillow case in half and made TWO mats from one pillowcase. One seam down the center - I don't know if I need that or not??????

I managed to make a total of TWENTY-EIGHT mats (including TWO big ones)

I was working on the last one when they came so that one will be the start of the next group of mats.

Look what  I found in the scraps..............

Pins (I am pretty sure this came from my group's sewing scraps - I will get them a jar to put bend/broken sharp stuff in)

You should NEVER be throwing pins and needles in the garbage - just get a small container to put them in - when it is full - tape it shut and then throw it away!

But look at my cutting mat - it is a mess!!!!!!!   I did get most of it cleaned off with a kitchen scrub pad

So I got rid of ALL the bags of scraps - yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!    And I got rid of ONE box that I inherited from the guild. But I still have one bag (of decorator fabric) and two more boxes from the guild (Not sure what is in those boxes, but hopefully stuff that I can chop up and put in the mats.

I do have a question - what the heck are we going to do with all this decorator fabric??????   Tote bags????   who could we make the tote bags for????   I am looking for ideas because I don't want to throw that away and it is too heavy to cut up.  Ideas??????  

Joy brought me more pillow cases (thank goodness because I was down to my last ONE by the time I finished) and some scraps.  I also have a full shoe box of BIGGER scraps that I am going to turn into a quilt. And there is the last pet mat in the bag - but that looks much better than when I started the day.

Bag of scraps/pet mat and a box of scraps to make a quilt

Whew - that was a lot of work. The trick is to make the mats as the scraps come in.  So I am asking again - if anyone has scraps (in particular the pieces of batting that you cut off from quilts) or scraps (the stuff that you would throw away) or pillow cases - I will take them off your hands to make the pet mats.

I took a bit of a break after that!!!

But then back to work where I have another project to do - this time for M.  I won't show you yet, but I got to use a new tool that I had purchased a while back.

Circle cutter

Well - it is called the LARGE Cut A Round 

It makes circles up to 30 inches in diameter and you know what? - It worked perfectly. I got two HUGE circles cut in a matter of minutes and now I am working on my project.

On that note - I am getting ready to bundle up and get my butt to the gym for spin class.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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