Friday, February 13, 2015


It is COLD outside today!  However it is only as cold as you want it to be. You can be freezing or you can embrace the cold and enjoy the sun!  I think you know which side I am on!!

We had another amazing day at sewing yesterday. And the work that people are getting done is awesome. Here is a sampling of some of the stuff people got finished. Some of these pictures are from Monday!

Claudette went to a class (at Bead FX) where they decorated dominoes.  This is side one

And here is side two

I love that kind of stuff. Not sure what I would ever do with it, but I just like the idea of creating beautiful things and artsy stuff.  That is what I will do when I retire from quilting! Like that will ever happen!!!

Joyce brought in some of her 4th of July pieces to show us. 
Karen finished ANOTHER little duffle bag. See her first on on the left - this one is for a young boy to store his cars and trucks. I love that idea!!!!
And Tish finished her duffle bag. 

But I have to say that Anita stole the show n tell show on Monday. Why?  What was she making????  You would never guess - so I will just show you a picture.

Yep - that is a bra - she not only finished one of them,

 -She finished TWO of them
 She has taken some extensive workshops on bra making and I have to say that these looked VERY professionally made. She did not model them for us but we all had a good look at these ones and see the pretty little rose in the front!   They even have wires. Awesome job Anita!!!!

Karen was bound and determined to make another bag. She made this one at home - no help from any of us!!!  She did an awesome job. 

But something very interesting happened with this version of the bag. While she used the same filling in the handles as she used in the others, the handles on this bag were a bit whimpy. I find it hard to believe that the quality of the fabric itself affected the feel of the handle, but it did and by a lot!  So beware - watch the "thickness" and "quality" of the material. There is NOTHING wrong with these - they just have a very different feel from the other versions that she made.

Linda was working on her bag and decided to sew the instructions right into the bottom of the bag

Lynn completed her bag (notice that she dressed so the bag would match her outfit) and here she is demonstrating the correct way to carry the bag!  

Sharon got two borders on this bright panel quilt

And she also got the last border on this redwork quilt

Mary was cutting out a gorgeous quilt and this was the LEFTOVERS from the fabric requirements. That is a bit much for leftovers if you ask me. And she wasn't sharing those leftovers!!!!  They were beautiful colours

There was tons more - the room was jam packed on both days but I didn't get pictures of what everyone was working on!  One day - I must get them to pose for a picture!

I have several laundry baskets in the studio - each one has a different category of stuff in it. One of them is quilts that need to be hand bound. One needs labels, one needs borders - you get the picture.
Well last night - I got the binding completed on one more quilt. I think there are six left.

Binding hand stitching complete!!!!

This basket of quilts just needs labels!

Yes - I am working my way through stuff - just not fast enough, but the important thing is that progress is being made and well - that is all I care about.

This is what I was working on yesterday and I have a bit of an issue with it - OK - I worked on two things and an issue with both!!!!

You can see that I had to piece that black strip (we can see the wrong side of it here) because there wasn't enough black fabric in the box

But when I got home - I found this in the scrap box - I hope it will be enough to complete the project. 

I also got this next seam sewn  in these crazy blocks of mine.

I was looking at them this morning trying to decide what to do with them now and WHAM - it hit me. I know exactly what to do with them. Can you see it?????   Nope - you can't really tell by looking at it this way.  Just wait - all will be revealed in a week or so.

My crazy blocks

Now I read something the other day which I thought was funny. I am not sure if I can remember exactly what it said, but it was something like this - "I can't remember what I forgot!"   Come on - you know what I mean by that.  I need to make a list of things that I am looking for.  I am still looking for that sweatshirt that I was working on and wanted to finish. I was also looking for another project which I found last night while looking for the sweatshirt. But I am also missing one more box with my Itty Bitty Blocks in it. Where or where did I put that?????

You see - while things are in pretty good shape - when I have to move things around - well I lose a few things from time to time. They are here - just where??????

On that note - I have loads to do today and I had better get started.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!


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